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F1, Vettel still believes us & #x3a; "A single chance to win World"

The German, on the eve of the Japanese weekend, does not surrender and dreams of the comeback world: "We still have an opportunity and I want to be" >05 Ekim 2017 Perşembe 02:03 - 14 reads.

F1, Vettel still believes us & #x3a;
SUZUKA – five grand prizes at end, 125 points still available to reassemble 34 lengths that divide it from Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel still believes hopes of seeing him world champion are very few. "I think we still have an opportunity and want to be sure to use it," explains ferrariist on eve of Grand Prix of Japan. VETTEL does not surrender – "We analyzed problems we had on our machines and I think it's quite clear situation – continues Ferrari pilot – but process is still in place in order to have a complete picture of what happened. We are happy, in meantime, to know that change should be in place, after accident had at Sepang during return lap. In last two years here in Japan we have not been competitive enough, but this year may be different. I think everything can happen, but I am convinced that here we have a good package. There are still five races in league and we are back in ranking: The end result will also depend on what our opponents do. " RAIKKONEN wants to redeem – He echoed mate of Scuderia Kimi Raikkonen, forced to watch race from pits in Malaysia. "Suzuka is a tricky circuit, an old-fashioned track. It is quite narrow and exit routes, once in gravel, have now been paved. It needs a good trim to be able to push deeply, because in first sector you can also lose a lot of time. There are many high-speed curves, especially in first part. " "In past some of m were a little difficult, but perhaps this year will be easier, to go to maximum. Hopefully our car is at level shown lately. In last race we had an unexpected problem, but it was done a great job to understand what he had surrendered – concludes Raikkonen – we will see if it will suffice to be first and second. The three top teams are very close to each or. You have to do everything perfectly. We hope that tomorrow time is reggae, so that we can put toger a lot of laps. " Hamilton sees title – direct concerned, Lewis Hamilton, does not decompose. "The goal is to continue to win, even if you do not have to win all races from here at end of season this is road to follow. I'm still chasing, chasing world title until last checkered flag until I got it, "concludes British chasing fourth world title after those conquered in 2008, 2014 and 2015. More disappointed teammate Bottas. "It's a complicated time: machine is very good, it has great potential, but I can not exploit it. Hamilton has managed better than me to find a better trim, it's also a matter of driving style. They are small things but make a difference in feeling comfortable driving. " RICCIARDO thinks about future – in last races, Red Bull has proven to be reliable and competitive, but title fight is no longer in goals of Austrian team. "We are much closer to Ferrari and Mercedes than we were in first races – admits Daniel Ricciardo-. In Monza we also surprised ourselves, in Singapore Vettel beat us a few tenths. When we expect a result does not arrive, and vice versa: in Malaysia We were very fast, but it would have been difficult to beat Ferrari. " For next season, regardless of contractual events, Ricciardo is going to be competitive in a global key: "We want to start well right away. I don't know, because it didn't happen in last few seasons, where we always had to find a way to recover. The ideal is to bring in 2018 what we learned this year, to start at best and grow furr. If that doesn't happen, n it will be a problem to deal with. Point to be competitive from ready and away, Mercedes has been winning for too long. "


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