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Falcao agrees to and absolve to Mendes

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Falcao agrees to and absolve to Mendes

The colombia striker from Monaco to plead guilty to Treasury, accepted a fine of 6.9 million and exempts ir advisors

The front of Monaco Radamel Falcao has reached an agreement in principle with Tax Agency to plead guilty to two tax crimes to change that to be acquitted of all his advisors. Especially your agent, Jorge Mendes, who is accused alongside former Atletico Madrid by Court of Instruction number 1, Pozuelo.

The agreement brings in addition to payment of 6.920.074,57 euro. Taking into account that player already paid 8.225.601,09 euros, Treasury will have to repay 1.305.526,52 euros.

According to has been able to know THE WORLD, defense of Falcao was presented last Tuesday a brief with court informing it of start of a protocol in accordance with Law of State and Prosecutor's office, requesting suspension of declarations outstanding. Among m, of his wife, which was cited next day 20 as a witness. According to sources of negotiation, agreement is practically closed to lack of a small fringe, and will materialize in coming days on terms described herein.

First to plead guilty

In this way Falcao becomes first player from factory, Mendes plead guilty to state treasury and requires, at same time, vindication of all his co-workers.

This decision paves considerably horizon court of Mendes, as revealed by this newspaper, has already been exonerated by Treasury department in judicial process against anor of his clients, Manchester United coach José Mourinho, also for two tax crimes. In that summary treasury said that re is no evidence to accuse him as a co-worker needed.

so big issue that remains pending at super-agent is to Cristiano Ronaldo, accused of a fraud of 14.7 million and four offences against public Treasury, where y will have to appear as defendant on 19th of October to clarify ir functions.

The decision to make a pact with Treasury has been materialized by lawyers of Falcao, firm Baker & McKenzie, same, which he attended until a few days ago Ronaldo and that Portuguese have been replaced by criminal José Antonio Choclán, former judge of National Audience.

Change of position in a month

Falcao has transmitted to its environment, that this issue is affecting "his personal sphere and family" as well as "professional". The player explains that his wife has just given birth, and has been involved in case, and does not want process to interfere in your performance during this season, in which it aspires to play next World cup. Therefore intends to leave it settled over next few months.

In this way player has completely changed his stance in just a month. THE WORLD revealed in past month of July payment of eight million that had been made to Treasury, and his defence, represented by lawyer Jesus Santos, issued a statement in which it stressed that payment did not imply recognition tax fraud attributed to him by Treasury during fiscal years 2012 and 2013 by taxation of his image rights during your stay in Spain.

In that public communication footballer emphasized across penalty area from Baker & McKenzie that "purpose" of payment millionaire was no or than "to paralyze generation of interest and penalties in administrative", as well as "application of mitigating circumstances in criminal procedure". Now Falcao argues that "media pressure" has been and goes on to plead guilty.


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