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Farewell to Eugenio Bersellini, guidò l'Inter the scudetto of 1980

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Farewell to Eugenio Bersellini, guidò l'Inter the scudetto of 1980
LAWN - LAWN - football mourns 'sergeant of iron'. At 81 years of age is dead on to Lawn, where he lived, Eugenio Bersellini. The family is setting up room burning. Player is not exalted that, apart from last two years at Lecce, he spent whole of his career in Lombardy, between Brescia, Monza and Pro Patria, Bersellini had his fameà from coach, collecting a well-490 benches in serie A (148 victories, 197 draws and 145 defeats).ONE serie a AND TWO Italian CUPS WITH L'INTER - In 4 years passò from C to maximum category driving Lecce, Como, Cesena. His football pragmatic and profitable portò to make leap of qualityà, passing first of Serie, allenò from 1975 to '77, and n to 'Inter, chosen from's n-president Ivanoe Fraizzoli. The five seasons spent in Milan, earning a technician to a serie a title, in 1980, and two Italian Cups (in '78 and in '82).

The mourning of FC Internazionale for death of Eugenio Bersellini?? #FCIM

— F. C. Internazionale (@Inter) September 17, 2017 COPPA ITALIA WITH SAMP - From 1982 passò at Turin, drove up to 1984, and n, in next two seasons, tornò to swings where, in 1985, goodò third Coppa Italia. He concluded his adventure in In in 1990, in 'Ascoli after being passed through experiences Florentine (1986-1987) and all it'Avellino, italy (1987-1988). Then tornò C1 to Como (1990-1991), in B Modena (1991-1992), Bologna (1992-1993), and Pisa (from February to June of 1994) and n in C1 with two years at Saronno (1995-1997).SAMPLE OF LIBYA WITH L'AL-ITTIHAD - From 1998 to 1999 he decided to try l'adventure all'abroad, and putting wing leadership of Libya. In 2001, letò l'commissioned to train l'Al-Ahly. In 2002, passò all'Al-Ittihad, winning championship in libya with team, among ors, son of  Gaddafi, Al-Sa'adi, known in Italy for brief period in Perugia and Udine. He stopped, but in 2006, freelyò in world of football by agreeing to ' invitation of Means in D Series who asked him to lead m to salvation. And succeededì in 'company by winning playout with Narni: 5-1 to return after losing 0-2 to'way. His last assignment was that of director of sports Sestri Levante, a team that is ligurian of D-Series, in 2007.THE MEMORY OF ALTOBELLI - "I have felt with my old friends at dell'Inter, we are all in contact via chat, and in this moment I can say that between all of us c'è a great time of distress" are words of Alessandro Altobelli, that'Inter, coached by Bersellini was home. "Bersellini has been my great fortune - hotel details "Pin" - it Was him, just arrived to'Inter, y wanted me to be goal of season and lì made me grow and become, thanks to his workouts and to his method, all that I am. The merit è his: evidently he had seen something in me, something on which to work and to believe. It was my luck and also that of'Inter, that in those 5 years, in addition to championship he won two Italian Cups, and reached semi-final of champions Cup and batté two times Juventus in hour mark.".Yet, nickname of Bersellini was "a Sergeant of iron"... "This is becauseé he decided everything himself - explains Altobelli - Perché believed strongly in what he did, even at cost of making a mistake. In fact, in addition to being a great coach, insisted very much on athletic preparation, and all it' time, in this sense, he was an innovator: he had già introduced stretching, for example, no one else did. Of course, c'were also retreats from Fridayì on up to metà next week... But to win we need sacrifices, and this è più great teaching that leaves us".


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