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Galatasaray Ndiaye: Our only opponent is our own

Galatasaray 39; In the beginning of the season, the Ottomans and 39;d an ensemble of the Pope Alioune Ndiaye sincere explanations. The Senegalese player who wrote the Forin Badou said that his mother put the name, A 39;d an Z 39; he answered everything.

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Galatasaray Ndiaye: Our only opponent is our own

When transfer is at beginning of season, paid testimonial price is more spoken but performance of critics answered criticism, "It's good to be like this. It would be bad if it was opposite. I've heard everything, but I've kept my composure about it. There are rumors like that in football, but I concentrate on my game, and I put it aside. I said I'd concentrate on my game as an actor and I did it. I laughed at that kind of rumor. So instead of wasting my energy, I concentrated on my game and showed value of my play, "he said. "I had to play and sacrifice in almost every region because it was needed in Osmanlispor" Galatasaray, before being transferred to many positions in form of sacrifice, indicating that player, "Osmanlispor playing in Number 6, number 8 and I played in regions 10. I even played as a striker. I'm in positions 6 and 8 when it's taken care of today. In Osmanlispor, I tried to play and sacrifice in almost every area, as it was needed. The region where I feel most comfortable when I play is regions with uniforms 6 and 8. I play as number 6 in Galatasaray. Of course, integrity of team is more important. It's important what trainer will say. If our teacher wants me to play at number six, I'll play re. I'll do it if I have to grab a ball. If he says play 10, I'll show you my game. If y say play number 8, I'll do whatever I have to do with Elhamdullah, "he said. "Music is not so effective in my life, but I have studied law" "Music is not so effective in my life, I have not studied any music, but I studied law," said Ndiaye, who was interested in music in remaining time of football and studied law in university. We were even talking to my wife today. But I froze law school for now. Of course, considering my career after football, I think about continuing legal section, "he said. "Helping people in distress is something I like." "This is a difficult choice for me," said Badou, who also talks about his life after quitting football. My far is a football player, as a family. My mom's a science teacher. I like profession of a lawyer. That's because I like to help ors. It comes from injustice of earth that I like to do with people on side that I don't like. It's something I like to help people who are in trouble, "he said.

"What's best for team is what's best for me." We've become a very good team. That's because we can talk and laugh toger. Of course, we spend a lot of time toger. We can spend time toger in dressing room or outside, having fun. We don't have to deal with it, actually, it's a collaboration that brings us toger as a team. It's reflected in field. The results you see on field are reflected in field of our Union. The thing that matters to me today is team. It doesn't matter if I score. The team is best for me. I can play more offensive if it's served, but I have to do it in a way that fits team's unity, good. The fans are asking, why don't you go ahead and score. I like scoring, but balance of team is more important. If I have to stay in middle of team, I'll stay in middle and not go forward. I'll do whatever it takes for team. "I just didn't get a quote from WEST HAM, I listened to my heart and came to GALATASARAY" While wearing a uniform in osmanlıspor, Ndiaye said transfer offers from UK, "re was no only West Ham between clubs who offered transfer. Or British teams brought me an offer. My national teammates, who played here in England, called me in this period, y offered ir coaches. Lots of proposals. I listened to what my heart wanted and came to Galatasaray, "he said. "My mor gave my moniker but no special meaning"

"When I was little, my mor gave me that name," said Nadaye, saying that her mor wore her. Actually, I have a 2nd name, Alioune. And I have a pope name, my mor gave me my moniker, but it doesn't mean anything special. " "I'm not doing all this by myself" Galatasaray in many statistics in first place, said Badou, "I do not know that re is such a statistic. If I'm doing this today, I'm not doing it alone. Thanks to my teammates, I have performed se statistics thanks to game we play. Of course, contribution of technical team to high performance here is too much, "he said. "We have competing teams, but I think our only opponent is our own again," said Ndiaye, which is a long time before championship, " championship is a long process. If we can keep our performance high this way, of course, we could bust championship. Like I said, it's a long process and we have to fight well. There are good teams in league, and we've got teams to compete with, but I think our only competitor is ourselves. We have to compete with ourselves every day. We need to assess our performance and upgrade to a higher level. " "Selçuk a great player must not accept this" Senegalli Yildiz, who reacted to fans of Galatasaray with performance of last season and this year, and is broken between tribunes of Selcuk Inan, "Selçuk a great player we have to accept this. If he remained in Galatasaray for so long, it is indicative of its very important features and abilities. I don't know much about dialogue between fans and Selcuk because I don't speak Turkish, and I can't follow. So I can't say much about it, but I need to emphasize that Selçuk is a very good player, "he said. "All teams will want to beat GALATASARAY" "All opponents will be difficult," said star midfielder, who is reminded of challenging match after national team. Of course, all teams will want to beat Galatasaray. The difficulty level will increase because y want to win. We see this difficulty, but we will do our best to defeat our competitors, "he said. "first Konyaspor match" After encountering Ligde Atiker Konyaspor, Fenerbahce will guest Galatasaray Ndiaye, "First we have match of Konyaspor, we talk about game before we talk about derby. For me, Konyaspor match will be next week Fenerbahce match. The next week Trabzonspor match will be important. Now we're looking at next game for him. Fenerbahce match is important when it comes next week. Derby encounters are matches we have to beat like or matches, "he said. "All big players have a tempo and need to adapt to it" "This tempo is not first time," he said in league and national team that he played in a row of matches. All big players have a tempo like this. They have to adapt. They need to be on national team and ir own team. You need to be professional at this point. It's been a long trip, but it has to be done in same way, and to begin next week in a ready manner, "he said. "There's a good love affair with fans." A beautiful relationship with fans, said Ndiaye, "I have a good love relationship between fans and social media, y send me messages continuously, and se messages are affecting me in a positive way. A lot of my friend, you're crazy, why don't you come to England, ask why you prefer Galatasaray. I've always told m that I love Galatasaray. Galatasaray fans also showed me that I made right choice, "he said.


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