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Golovkin and 'Canelo' seal the fight of the year with a controversial draw

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Golovkin and 'Canelo' seal the fight of the year with a controversial draw

The Kazakh, which was higher, he retained title of champion of medium weight even though a judge rated as "abysmal" given by victor Alvarez

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'Canelo' Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin, keys of fight of year

The boxer Kazakh Gennady Golovkin and mexican Sául Canelo Alvarez starred in early morning of this Sunday, a large fight that left a verdict null and void from judges and a new scandal in world of boxing. Golovkin, of 35 years, although retains title champion mid-weight versions International Federation of Boxing (FIB), a Worldwide Association (WBA) and World Council (WBC), was left without a triumph clear that he had won on quadrilateral.

The decision of three judges turned to leave perplexed 22.358 viewers, who filled capacity of T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and had seen or fight or than judges. The boos began to be heard when announcer of battle gave to know score of judge Adelaide Byrd, which he saw as winner Canelo by 118-110 points. Then came verdict of second judge, Dave Moretti, which saw winner Golovkin by 115-113 and third, Don Trella, which is decided by a draw at 114-114.

The verdict of fight agreed to 12 rounds turned to leave immediately, controversy and surprise at something that no one expected, because of what happened in ring, where he dominated Golovkin. The Kazakh, who took a bag of three million dollars, with fight left label in 37-0-1, 33 nocáuts, while Alvarez, 27 years old, he won five million dollars guaranteed, put it on 49-1-2, 34 victories achieved by fast track.

The fight began with first refusal on part of both fighters, but Alvarez tried to take initiative, but it was Golovkin, who made nineteenth title defense since 2010, which placed best shots and with ease. The streak of defending title without defeat is second-longest in history of medium weight from Bernard Hopkins made 20 from 1995 to 2005.

Ready for a rematch

What could not be expected to Alvarez is his boxing had captivated judge Adelaide Byrd listed as "abysmal" in ir performances and with worst record of decisions and he saw a winner in 10 of 12 rounds (118-110) to ruin what was a great fight will black history of boxing. At end of battle,Canelo said he felt "frustrated". "I don't agree to anything with verdict. I think I won because I showed her superior in ring", he added.

Golovkin, for his part, continued, without losing his smile after fight null and void, and said that she understood drama that lives in every fight. "boxing is a spectacle of drama and as such have to assume it until end", he said. "I'm still a champion, I have not lost any of belts and, refore, nothing has changed," assessed Golovkin, who like Canelo said he was willing to rematch. "Of course I want a rematch, because what we've fought tonight has been a real fight".

who was not as sympatic with verdict of judge who gave win to Canelo was trainer of Triple G, Abel Sanchez, who pointed out that Commission Athletic of Nevada (NSAC) should be open research to "know if this is really suitable to qualify a fight." "You still do not understand. And this is not first time you do it. We already knew that ir performance is very uneven and that was demonstrated. There is no way that Alvarez won fight," he told AFP.

The scandal generated by a judge forced executive director of Commission on Athletic of Nevada, Bob Bennett, to offer explanations. "Unfortunately, this time his decision was something special. I'm not putting any excuse. What I mean is that it is a great judge and in any business and profession, sometimes you have a bad day and that has been what has happened", he admitted.


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