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Goodbye to Conchita Martinez: a "non-renewal" with the support of players

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Goodbye to Conchita Martinez: a "non-renewal" with the support of players

The managers of tennis explain your bet by not keeping Conchita Martinez as team captain of Davis Cup and Federation Cup

" Board did not we would take a decision against majority of players," says Tomás Carbonell, vice-president of RFET

The historic week in which Spanish tennis has achieved milestone of having two players as leaders of circuit male and female, has also brought farewell of Conchita Martinez as captain of Davis Cup and Federation Cup. As if emotions by number one Rafa Nadal and Garbiñe Muguruza, were not sufficient, output of aragonese has been especially turbulent.

After five years at head of team of Federation Cup and three in Davis Cup, 2018 will bring two -or one with double function - captains new to Navy. Martinez, who calmed tensions generated during stage of Gala León and Escañuela and brought situation, left Thursday charge with "disappointment and upset". Has lasted a little tranquility in Spanish tennis.

"After asking all those involved and to Board of Directors, decides to look for a different motivation, a change, but re is nothing against his work. has opted for a captaincy rotating, as always. Corretja, Costa or Moya have been a few years and n has changed", he explains to THE WORLD Tomas Carbonell, vice-president of Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET), responsible for area of sports and former professional player. "There are very important people in tennis also with ability and right to dream of becoming captains after you have played", explains reasons that have led you to make this decision.

"re has Not been a recall, had a contract until end of year and has not been renewed", continues to Carbonell. Conchita, who has rejected to explain more in depth your posture, lamented "so disrespectful" that he has fired. "I don't know what are good ways for it. We wanted to give you time here to end of year so that you can decide your future", he responds.

The former captain signed ascent to first category in Davis Cup just a year ago, before India with Nadal, Ferrer, Feliciano and Marc Lopez. The of Federation Cup as achieved in April 2016, with Muguruza, Suarez, Sorribes and Medina against Italy, but again lost category in ir last tie against France. Replaced by Gala Leon on Davis before premiere in office with controversy. "Exalt figure of Conchita, she accepted position at that time. I've also agreed to be a spokesman of federation, though this is not a dish of good taste, because respect and admire. But re are decisions to make. She accepted, is age of majority and two parties suited to m," says Carbonell.

The role of players

What role has been taken by players in this decision? "They have been consulted, we would be fools if board decided in against of players. Never take a decision rejecting most of m, but decision is of board and we didn't duck responsibility." Antonio Martínez Cascales, also vice-president of RFET, goes furr: "Your opinion is most weight, maybe a lot of people would be surprised of what y think. You will have to ask".

Returning to Conchita Martínez Cascales rejects that you have been treated improperly: "It has allowed something very atypical of a captain: that Wimbledon is as coach of a player. Had luck of winning with Muguruza, but if you are with her, is against ors. What would have happened if it had been measured at or Spanish?". Carbonell adds that he also kept his job as a commentator on television, who has traveled to several Grand Slams. "The sporting director, Javier Soler, decided to send her to New York had no sense when I was questioning what to do with two captaincies. After US Open re was no tie near. He believed that it was not worth to spend that money, that is investing in young people and in tournaments for promises."

After five salad bowls and many or glasses female, commitment of players in apretadísimo calendar remains biggest challenge to recover successes of not long ago, no matter who is captain. "We all have to improve, starting by federation," says Carbonell. "There are that raise better options, players must agree, captain excite, fans support us and have a bit of luck.

We have a punishment with monumental away games. The sweepstakes that has lived Conchita have been really bad."


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