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Griezmann to the story

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Griezmann to the story

The frenchman becomes first player to score in Wanda Metropolitan

Manages a night imprecise his team against a Malaga weak. Oblak took two prodigious hands

Antoine Griezmann, French Macon, 26 years old, will remain forever as player who scored first goal in history of Wanda Metropolitan. Discuss chronicles of an emotional evening, restless, nostalgic, odd-order, half-way between excitement for beginning and uncertainty for what will be, how it will be. As it was well, and came out well. Could have gone better, yes, but it went well, and name of Griezmann is to always, as much as, perhaps, some day, to your plate same thing happens to or that yesterday were trampled and polluted. Won Athletic at premiere of ir new home and will be in books. For more grey out in purely aestic, at least it was. [Narration and statistics: 2-1]

For many years, it is appropriate to recount even above how to. The best chance of whole first part was to Borja Cane, a squad that is looking for life today in Malaga. He left behind Gabi and his shot went into goal until I ran into with hand, prodigious, Oblak. It was a curious move, but that at that moment, minute 36, team of Simeone was already shaking-head-no rhyme or reason are against wall that was Malaga.

The argentine, as foreign to environment, played little in comparison to Rome. Got to Luke, each time better, and to Strap. The center of field, four mediocentros, remained intact. And what worked in Italian capital, yesterday crashed before withdrawal of andalusian.

Carrasco stirred up party

To centre of field is very difficult to beat a ball split or catch any of its members scramble, but it's hard to fantasize about something that is not a pass horizontal. We also took that yesterday to Saul, all more accustomed you are to doing different things. So, without waiting any longer, rest Simeone decreed entrance of one of few that are able to do different things on this machine: Carrasco. The belgian was agitator. Anything that overflowed two times stadium, new stadium, got mood. To Carrasco was joined by anor of few that know how to improvise on this computer, Strap.

The argentine found an ideal ball for face. Did he, like so many or times. It was your advocate, as so many or times. And focused well, something that does not many times. The ball what chased Griezmann, goal came from a wonder because boy did not ends meet, and re is a run-run in crowd that was beginning to be uncomfortable. When he entered Torres, released Antoine to play furr back, came minute most well-groomed of Athletic, which however started to play backwards and ended up pulling over to Malaga as best he could, which was by Oblak. The goalkeeper got a hand prodigious to shot of Diego Rolan and left it at new house first points.


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