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Hunter: ' We will see who is the fourth who first '

Medipol Başaksehir coach Abdullah Avci, UEFA Europa League group C in the third match against the German representative Hoffenheim will meet tomorrow...

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Hunter: ' We will see who is the fourth who first '
Hunter: "We will see who is fourth who first" AA Football News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 21:03 Date of renovation: 18.10.2017 21:06 Medipol Başaksehir coach Abdullah Avci, UEFA Europa League group C, third match of German representative will meet tomorrow Against Hoffenheim, he said y wanted to maintain ir claim in group.

A press conference at Rhein-Neckar Arena, Abdullah Avci, joined team's midfielder, Gökhan Inler.

In UEFA Champions League, Hunter defeated Monaco by defeating away, with 9 points and began to congratulate Besiktas, he said.

The group will fight against team with highest game quality Abdullah Avci, said:

"Hoffenheim is a very high-level game and player quality, although re are no points in group so far. There are four teams close to each or in group. We'll see who's fourth, who's first. The win that we get from here will ensure that group cannot be in end, "he said.

Underlining great respect for ir opponents, "Hoffenheim has a very long history of 118 years, although we have similar aspects. We played in Super League in year 2007-2008, and y starred in Bundesliga in 2008-2009. They also took highest scores of our club dates in our leagues last year. "

Abdullah Avci, Emre Belözoğlu and Manuel Da Costa, due to injuries to match squad did not import following statements, y used:

"Emre and Da Costa's injuries are continuing. The one who was sick today, was added to Visca. The situation will be clear tomorrow. Adebayor and Mossoro are also not in squad for new injury. We had such savings by interviewing m and thinking about our plan according to opponent. Our team is very valuable. We have 22-23 players close toger. We prepare each match with a specific plan. Tomorrow, all our players will try to do best for team. "

"I do not know wher president will watch our match," Hunter said, saying that a German press menu would not follow encounter of presidential Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Our president is a football fan, not just about us. He loves football, but I don't know if he's watching. I would expect you to ask a technical question, "he replied.

Abdullah Avci, Super League successfully, each year to take part in European Cups is important in terms of club's awareness, he added.

Gökhan Inler: "We did not deserve so few points"

Medipol Basaksehir's midfielder, Gökhan Inler, said y were going to play a very challenging game tomorrow.

"We and Hoffenheim have not scored points in line with our game quality," Gökhan said, noting that Hoffenheim will be a challenging match for ir future in group. We didn't deserve so few points. Tomorrow will be a good game. We are well prepared as a team for this, "he said.


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