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I'm grateful to the President

Galatasaray in the history of the highest testimonial fee for the German team Red Bull Leipzig sold to the young star Bruma, chairman Dursun Uzbek ' undisciplined '...

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I'm grateful to the President
I am grateful to President MEHMET Özcan Football News entry Date: 4.10.2017 Galatasaray in history of highest testimonial fee for German team Red Bull Leipzig sold to young star Bruma, chairman Dursun Uzbek ' undisciplined ' criticism answered: "The president is really for me ' undisciplined ' Did he say? Actually, president knows me very well. Of course, party has to explain why you sold me. I love him and thank him for my transfer, I'm grateful. I don't regret it. I was going to leave Galatasaray one day. We visited RB Leipzig Club, which was founded in 2009, sponsored by "beverage brand Red Bull", which I will not forget. Thirty million dollars in training facilities, no more! 6 pieces football field, indoor players test your power and speed built for hybrid flooring Jogging Track, infrastructure players A To follow team and take a sample held completely in interior Glass-covered fitness room, The cafeteria, reminiscent of restaurant of 5-star luxury hotels , is actually a summary of successful Leipzig initiative of Red Bull... we talked about past and future with Bruma in this magnificent resort. You were playing all time in Galatasaray. in Leipzig, you stay in reserve. Do you regret it? I don't regret it. I would already leave Galatasaray one day... That's what happens in soccer. I had a great time in Galatasaray. I'll never forget fan. I thank m again through you. Chairman Dursun Uzbek you undisciplined What you sent ' cause you're he told me. Your comment? President (Dursun Uzbek) did he really say "undisciplined" to me? Actually, president knows me very well. Of course, party has to explain why you sold me. if it is If he used a phrase, he The job he knows. I love him and thank him for my transfer, I'm grateful. I won't answer. Besiktas group quits, GALATASARAY becomes champion Champions League Can you assess your group? I have experienced Champions League experience in Galatasaray before. But I can't say same thing to my teammates. We're a inexperienced team here. Neverless, matches we played against Monaco and Besiktas were lessons. We know how to play this level. In group, each team will beat each or. But fact is that team is leader in group who has best chance of a top tour. Who do you think this season will be champions in Turkey? I'm following Turkish league closely. Galatasaray New, excitement a transmitter set up. I'm surprised y've been eliminated from Europe, but y've made a very good start to league. I think Galatasaray will be champion. Mert (cetin) say hello to Abi for me! WERNER couldn't brea! 2-0 lost Besiktas How was atmosphere in your game? In Besiktas match re was an excellent atmosphere in bleachers. Frankly, I'm not surprised because I've had this experience before. But my teammates came across a very enthusiastic fan for first time. The Turkish fans are incomparable to supporters in Germany . Still, we didn't lose Besiktas match because of fans. Why is your teammate Timo Werner out of game? I think (Werner) had a problem breathing, and he couldn't continue game. I don't think he's out of game because he's impressed with chants. is Galatasaray fans or Besiktas fans? Besiktas fans were very good, but as I said, I know this atmosphere from Galatasaray. I I played that support for years. I understand why rivals are struggling. The atmosphere at Besiktas stadium was spectacular, but my preference is Galatasaray Stadium. RED Bull's Bull ... The German team's footballers have nicknamed Bruma " Bull of Red Bull." 8 Bruma scored 1 goal in 8 appearances in RB Leipzig. 15 Bruma scored 15 goals in 85 spades in Galatasaray.


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