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Juventus, Buffon: "A little bruised, but strong men outweigh the difficulties"

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Juventus, Buffon:
- TORINO The word defense. In fact, goalkeeper and captain. Gigi Buffon is back on scoppola taken from his Juve home Barcelona: "We are a bit' bruised, as is normal. For anyone who is accustomed to winning and to be protagonist, miss così dà surely bor. But it is a nuisance, however, was good for a strong team made up of strong men who want to overcome some difficultyà". The number one juventus off l'alarm and meanwhile has called for greater umiltà, firmness and ferocity "We played against a great team and we lost bad, but if you analyze clearly race, as we held field in first half, I think we can say that 3-0 is a result that is too heavy". Juve has paid for account of salt of his presumption: "The strategy in football matters, così as l'intelligence and l'umità: if you are playing against a team più strong, you find it difficult to win with a football that is purposeful. The match on Sunday against Sassuolo we servirà to start afresh with renewed confidence, firmness, and temper of Juve,". BUFFON: "RIGHT THAT HIGUAIN will NOT ACCEPT THE KO" - Now bianconeri are called to re-waterproof a defence that has subìto 8 goals in first 5 outputs officers (a 1.6 average per game, compared to 0.7 last season). Too many. " Is indispensable to maintain più compactness and densityà between lines, as well as a certain ferocity - says Buffon -. In second half of Barcelona our t-shirts have expanded and, in an attempt to retrieve result, we have been in side to opponents, what's that against a team like Barcelona you cannot afford". And again, to microphones of Jtv: "We need to find a balance and a strong color fastnessà different if we want to aspire to be protagonists in Italy and in Europe: for us, defensive strength is essential". But Juve are not può do without eir of goals of Higuain, nervousness does not seem to bor Juve. On contrary: "I am very pleased that Gonzalo will not agree to lose né to see if same Juve not being able to express mselves to maximum of its potentialà. Only through se steps, you canò improve and bring something different and constructive for himself and for team". "GOALS AND ANGER, SÌ PUT È A'OTHER CATEGORY" - After caresses in Hangnail, captain uses words to honey Kick: "Già l'last year I was ranked Paulo among top five in world, and in certain moments would not have been even in top three. I confirm this judgment on him, là of fact that one may do a little' or some' worse in single game, especially considering that in Barcelona whole of Bianconeri had not shined and not allowed him to unleash best performance". What, instead, has offered his compatriot Messi, who after 360 minutes at all you'dry between races official and friendly è managed to pierce SuperGigi: "I do Not say that it was inevitable, forò, considered frequency with which marks, having four games without taking a goal since he was a small record. When we play against and see viciousness with which he prepares shot and hurls ball, you know that è a'in or category. At end of game I have done with great sportività". "JUVE IMPROVED IN QUALITY; AND QUANTITY;" - After you have parried criticism, Buffon pantry optimism: "I Am convinced and confident: we have a nice group, a nice dressing room and a strong team, re willà to be protagonists in Italy and, under certain conditions, also in Europe. Juve has maintained an extraordinary strength of team and in individual is also improved, as quality; and quantity;. If we listened better to suffer and to read games, we would be a significant step forward". The competition in meantime, he insisted: "C'è a revival of football in milan, Naples continues to be Naples, Rome has changed project tactical and probably also philosophy with ' advent of anor sports director concludes Buffon -. The directions say that sarà a championship equilbrato, but we'll get better at end. Moreover, l'last year we won with less points of advantage with respect to previous years". THE PLAN OF INDENTS FROM'INFIRMARY - Massimiliano Allegri does not wield alibi, he never did. But absences, many and distinguished, y weighed, and how performance of his Juventus in Champions league. L'an emergency which has forced Juventus to be in lair of Barcelona without seven players, it seems toò to back. Or almost. On Sunday, all'lunch time in house of Sassuolo, Juventus riavrà three or four big, reached today in Vinovo by veterans of Camp Nou, it has been a day of rest: chain of right Vidal-Cuadrado and, on'or side of field, two warriors as French powerhouse and perhaps Chiellini. The return of quest'last may, in fact, slipping on a precautionary basis at next round midweek against Fiorentina, when Allegri has to get even Khedira. To review l's anor German Howedes, struggling with a custom program to assimilate heavy loads of work carried out in black and white, must haveà instead, wait for about ten days, Juve hopes to make it debut on Saturday, September 23 against Torino or, to più later, Wednesdayì 27 always all it'Allianz Stadium against l'Olympiacos. A challenge which, after sound and tumble of Camp Nou and bang of Sporting Lisbon to Piraeus, Juventus, it willà absolutely afford to be wrong. Toccherà instead, wait for stop to completely empty ' infirmary and find Marchisio and De Jong in next few days will submit to new physical testing. The long-term injury victim Pjaca, operated on 31st of march last to cruciate ligaments of knee, would he be satisfied to finally answer this for from end of October.Sunday at Mapei Stradium juventus goal ripartirà almost certainly Promising, Rugani, Benatia and Alex Sandro. Remain to be baptized midfield and attack, in balance between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1, where only absolute certainties seem to be Up, Matuidi and Cuadrado. All ors will play in place, including Kick and Higuain: one of two will comeà probably saved for subsequent challenges against dear enemies of Fiorentina and Torino.


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