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Luka Doncic: "I like to be at the helm"

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Luka Doncic: "I like to be at the helm"

"is this happening to Me everything very fast in life, but I love it that as well"

"The Eurobasket is still a revenge of evil end-of-course in Madrid"

Doncic, child wonder who embrujaba rivals

Just before Luka Doncic (Ljubljana, 1999) attend to THE WORLD in Hotel Renaissance Polat in Istanbul, after meal of selection, slovenian, Sergio Scariolo, in a nearby room, has gone through roof: "it Is impressive how y are playing. To think that a player of 18 years to be doing what you are doing makes me grind eyes. It is something to ooh and ahh".

So, speechless, leaves Luka at all in this Eurobasket, confirming its dimension as a child wonder. Still in retina display of quarterfinals against Latvia (27 points and nine rebounds), basis of Real Madrid, which has left ankle bandaged -"nothing serious"- is living image of calm. Nothing to do with your electricity over floor, where orders with vehemence and determination of veterans. It also contrasts in its words, amounts and measures, by caution and timidity, that you keep in locker room every time it jumps to battle. Today, against Spain (20: 30 hours, Four), it will look next to Goran Dragic and his partner in Madrid Anthony Randolph, his beloved Slovenia competes for first time in its history a final.

How is living his international debut with his selection?I am very well, acquiring a great experience. The truth, I did not expect all out so well. There is an incredible chemistry within locker room. It is still a very nice experience. And having reached semi-finals, a dream. We have done an amazing job. I'm proud of my team.With 18 years is absolute protagonist of one of biggest clubs in Europe and all of a Eurobasket. Do you feel dizziness of things are happening at full speed?The truth is that is happening to me very fast, I only have 18 years, but I love that it is so, to be able to be here and to play se tournaments.Slovenia is astounding, what is secret?We are making very good games, an excellent job, especially on defense [aspect on which special emphasis was placed Scariolo: "I am concerned about ir defense because it can be attached very well to us, have a capacity and energy"]. We have to follow as well. We are confident, we are eager and we're going to go all out.He had offers to play with Spain, with Serbia, but he chose his native country. Why?I really wanted to play in a big tournament like Eurobasket. From beginning I wanted to play with Slovenia, I love to be here and I'm very proud of. My far defended this t-shirt and he also played a European (2005). I have many memories of childhood.How does to seem to be on track all of a veteran? Where did you pluck that ability to send?Since I always like to have responsibility. When I am at remote control is when I feel most comfortable.Who is fixed Luka Doncic to continue to improve?In Goran Dragic, who is one of best players of this tournament and NBA. He is a leader for me, as it is Sergio Llull Real Madrid. Both advise me, are waiting for me. Of two I try to learn a lot.To play against Spain and in all semi-final, is something special for you?Yes, of course that is something special. I know almost all players, here I am always joking with brors Hernangómez, and I have been re living five years.Where do you think options in Slovenia?We all know that Spain is an excellent selection. You have to skim excellence to beat m. Anyone who quit from dock, you can do damage, can defend all. They have an amazing team and two references such as Pau and Marc Gasol, only players. And also have at Chacho's, Ricky... Are too many guns. In addition, we are only two teams that still have not lost in this Eurobasket. I think it's going to be a party pimp.What or virtues y fear Spain?The experience plays to ir favor. They have players with an incredible talent and a lot of experience of playing this type of games for many years. They have it all. But we're eager. It's going to be a historic day for our country, something that we have long been dreaming of.It would be first medal for Slovenia in its entire history [his best involvement was fourth in Eurobasket of 2009] do you feel pressured?It is true that it would be something historic. We all want that medal. There are very happy, whole country cheering, we do. We are few, but people have a lot of passion for basketball.After bad end to last season, in individual and in collective, I had urge to re-prove ir talent?Yes, Eurobasket is still a revenge. The end of season with Real Madrid was not as we all wanted. But it is something that already happened, learn from it, and it only remains to continue working.Do you feel eyes of NBA? Are you scared that you place in number one of next draft?You can't scare me, I just try not to think too far into future. I'm in Madrid and it is best site that I can be. Has given Me everything, option to become a player, always I will be grateful.


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