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Milan-Udinese 2-1, two goals from Kalinic makes you smile Montella

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Milan-Udinese 2-1, two goals from Kalinic makes you smile Montella
MILAN The protagonist of Vienna, André Silva, è remained on bench. But Kalinic, that in Europa League was first of Portuguese in evening of his hat-trick, has almost emulated. Only l'intervention of Var has in fact prevented to celebrate three goals. I am, however, it took two people to sign victory of Milan on 'First thing's not at all easy, given l'excellent organization tactics of opponents and ir frequent play inspired, and to this still più important. Not to be distancing itself too much from Juventus, Napoli and Inter was l'goal of Montella, who has achieved toger in parallel: distribute energy among players, in vista dell'imminent engagement with Spal, and make up for all it' absence of Accounts, which willà unfortunately, chronic for next six months, and that leads to some adjustment in 3-5-2, form now prevailing compared to 4-3-3 initial.           CHILLS DEFENSIVE - Before taking possession of game after an encouraging start, however, Milan has been in need of a couple of creeps, that were confirmed as l'assembly of a three-man defence still need a reasonable break-in period. If, in fact, l'trim with midfield più thick può embarrass opponents, forcing m to retreat and also to tackle l'continued progress of two outside of fact transformed into wings, each counter or insertion from rear of midfielders rivals, when y recover ball, turns easily in danger. To overcome all'effect of imbalance, would be più quicknessà in closures, which at time né Romagnoli for delay condition, né in first half and Musacchio for individual characteristics are able to ensure. Delneri took advantage with a scheme as simple as effective: betting front and sudden sprinter Lasagna, which started from left flank but, in fact, play with his lethal shots vertical.VAR is PROTAGONIST - The first thrill is to come by a sprint, with a goal low on 'Donnarumma. The guide was validated, between protests milaniste, but Var induced him to rectify it. The danger has prompted Milan to accentuate thrust and reaction is rewarded. Before only pole, on head of Kalinic, and De Paul, which has pushed away on line right on edge in leonardo Bonucci, have avoided '1-0. Then time advantage is arrived really thanks to Kalinic, who has run triangle with Calabria and closed collecting cross in advance of Nuytinck. However, Milan, too casual in 'start'action from behind baseline, and regardless of previous alarm, has repeated distraction on Lasagna, triggered this time by an ominous step horizontal  Romagnoli. L'1-1, has forò deluded l' box, which did not correct defect in più showy: l'excessive space granted on your left hand side a  Calabria and Suso, when Spanish moved from 'original position of trimmer-according to tip.SCRUM FATAL - 2-1 Milan è arrived on corner: correction of head of Kessié and maul in scrum of Kalinic, from earth he anticipated Samir. At that point, Milan has tended to più all'balance. Ball has dictated timing of raids, Kessié and Bonaventure, to her hips, and defense has stopped exceed in dribble. Not è a case that a long percussion Kessié, with right dismissed  by Scuffet, and a reversed side of Bonaventure on tower of Calabria, early in second half, y were only two moments in thickening of l'balance tactical it is broken. When Scuffet saved in dip on a shot of head of Romagna, fed by Suso, Delneri decided that what was needed was a steering tactic, to look for draw, and l'date by moving Lasagna in attack on centre, from second tip, and inserting in place of Behrami Fofana, più suitable to raids in support of tips. He later completed small revolution with Baijc centre-forward in place of Maxi Lopez, a little pungent.KESSIE' OVERFLOWING - L'trim worked, perché l'Udinese took field, even if Milan has been able to better manage counter-attack. Fofana has shown power and technique, with descent that brought him to right diagonal, rejected by Donnarumma, and little più later Baijc, in anticipation to head ball for him, he touched tie. But fixes on back foot to restore energy in decline of team - Cutrone for suso and Calhanoglu for Bonaventure - have proved to be effective, while l'input Matos for Jantko has accentuated vocation offensivista dell'Udinese. In meantime, Scuffet had to save for two times, on shooting of Rodriguez and Calabria. With teams tired, è showed power of  physical Kessié, before Var was back in scene. In a bis dell's episode of beginning of game, this time with roles inverted, Guide has been waiting for l'intervention of colleagues in front of monitor to cancel triplet of Kalinic, considerable diagonal stroke after shooting a slight offside. The walkway between applause of Croatian, replaced by Locatelli, has written definitively name of 'hero of day.Milan-Udinese 2-1 (2-1)MILAN (3-5-1-1): G. Donnarumma 6, Musacchio 6, But 5.5, Romagnoli 5, Calabria 6.5, Bonaventure 6.5 (24'st Calhanoglu 6), Ball 7, Kessie 7, Rodriguez 6.5, Suso 5.5 (24'st Cutrone 6), Kalinic 7.5 (40'st Locatelli sv). (30 Storari, 90 A. Donnarumma, 15 Gomez, 17 Zapata, 20 Abbot, 4 J. Mauri, 18 Montolivo, 9 André Silva, 11 Borini). All.: Montella 7.UDINESE (4-4-2): Scuffet 5.5, Larsen 5.5, Danilo 5, Nuytinck 5.5, Samir 5.5, Barak 5.5, Behrami 5.5 (12'st Fofana 6.5),Jankto 6 (29'st Matos 6), Lasagna 6.5, De Paul 6 Lopez, 6.5 (16'st Bajic 6). (1 Bizzarri, 25 Purses, 4 Angella, 53 Alì Adnan, 55 Bochniewicz, 13 Ingelsson, 23 Hallfredsson, 99 Balic, 96 Ewandro). All.: Delneri 5.5.Referee: a Guide of Torre Annunziata 6.5.Networks: in pt-22' 31' Kalinic, 28' S Lasagna.Corners: 10-3 to san siro.Var: 2Recovery: 1' and 5'.Ammonites: Barak, Romagnoli, Samir for foul play.Notes: 48' st eject assistant coach of 'Udinese Ferazzoli for protests.Spectators: 49.473 for a collection of 1.165.824,63 euro .


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