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Now D l Karaer: Galatasaray generation h h ld B D unclaimed rak 87-88-89

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Now D l Karaer: Galatasaray generation h h ld B D unclaimed rak 87-88-89

'D with this entry ikta g&r treatment&Inter Milan; d t&government;m'

□ first Osmanlispor'preferred entry ini why u no □ D L karaer acting of moment, or humidity to be collected in D in order to transfer entries with assigned g&r treatment&Real Madrid D T&as a result, D&government;n&lie admitted that: " Ottoman □ sport my new internal d&a treatment in internal moisture and it was right here um, I'm happy. ZL H H H me A D A D no ti or GE in order to transfer from internal moisture. I was a free agent I no H M D U ALD offer a no arrow. This d&Y, and H be ikta l h moisture treatment results of treatment are also collected 3-4 times in g&r of stage&as a result, but at end I had internal lanmad right breast was collected. The Ottoman □ OK me no good profit in sport of □ of □ transfer of entry s lad I collected and willing to davrand. There are different entry station, entry, however, ash&D S P D D do do do that lie right decision most of Ottoman and RU targets in line □ sport du Midi"

target absolute win!

time&work;d indicates wher that moment was collected s collected l "Season ba □ of □ plug mounting MLA h n d camp of D&irmed internal entry internal entry filed Jun im in s&D M er D D S D ma di g that lie behind recim plug&stage;re more D&carried across. In ir name an d mA bad mA, no D&internal irmedik I can say that. Plug in following weeks reflected better on field as D M □ M H H H za believe crown entry comment. H H M I d LAN D S z za new coats are collected behind re. Newly formed a mounting plug H M H z. We want to get a win this week for sure. The kissing n&as a result, m&as a result, no arrow and a good momentum in weeks zdek &h stores an entry that targets Real Madrid Ottoman St s □ sports collected to monitor trace" he said.

'foreign entry and T&D D M RK Ayr was Real Madrid!!!'

snow collected collected collected collected not collected n d foreign entry that expresses footballer 29 or □ of □ Defender, "d m d raise quality of league also collected and sure, later, s&result;no entry or re g te in order not very trail. Current player count increases foreign H D S collected, it snow D D and D, but with  foreign entry and T&D M rk ayr Real Madrid was collected, this is no Ho arrow a current status and current il. We are able to wear form as an entry, but prospect of mounting same in new generations and ����� g&I can't launch. Al H H H H M plug h t no □ valuable research of art goal of current calculated gene k The lower leagues. D Health History&government;n&supporting infrastructure that need to be Real Madrid: y collected m h Z and Q&As a result, very adaptable to be collected. Us &l d d base is cut at as women in our country entry decisions, this decision d n g&A D M D internal review treatment review Laz. This stat&y Real Madrid&Real Madrid players from bottom of next g&stage;we need to re zenleme Health History. The art of this topic B D D K ' D L D P, T&result;rk al internal internal football □ of □ of □ Removal □ needs of " supporting topic: tu. 

'Galatasaray'h ld b d h unclaimed rak 87-88-89 generation!

ash Anatolia&D infrastructure was insufficient in Real Madrid S H L N pler that indicates wher karaer right moment, "ash er Di D&D went pler when im Real Madrid, Galatasaray supporting infrastructure: s do d □ of LANs, supporting: n &d g more flour and it was ok better than treatment r&lie that we are enough, but also current Anatolian ash... il&g pler me in Real Madrid&treatment supporting infrastructure re: Hi moisture treatment and valuable research is not allowed. Galatasaray is a good patent, it's a good name, but re e d training and H&nlendirme I don't find sufficient treatment to reduce level. Eyler D generation was a generation that is expected 87-88-89 no arrow, but no arrow h h ld B D unclaimed rak player. Y in order to solve our internal well of our genes needed to have collected or outcall. D I vi D U te d at time this ash&Real Madrid pler our G&A type;rm&government;comments. Removes entry name of our Federation and authorities in this regard concrete atmal collected. There are also domestic players base current errors. Base □ of □ eyler n g people of D&cancer, zübeyde;Michael D z. B d development D l mounting rack mounting se errors, right behind p H D y z nas bakmal that I think we can" expressions used for entry.

't problem completely&Real Madrid y rk stage;antici!'

I gave INE H E D L&ks with cars Real Madrid g&G at Real Madrid&treatment ztepe's an experienced player Sabri Sar o lu h h' moment obtained name without Tyrrhenian collected nu D L, King D, K Manisaspor collected gone as i'or □ name □ of □ OF □ also recounted challenges of mounting D: "d&treatment Ferhat Ayd n kt h k d Manisaspor and chiral collected moisture and worship. New Y M H H H maa when I came to net in order or not Yar n h h n d s collected Health History of D&as a result, r&D, I play D and Health History collected as provided RSE entry ans, Real Madrid&Real Madrid that I won't ans d rmesem collected to form a Q&A type, he said. Or you'd prefer to run right, or a financial loss □ n. 18 □ of □ B in grant of such right to profit □ of □ H T H A La m. Also current players and teachers here who brought this I H S il, T&result;treatment outcome Y and RK. The problem completely at t&y rk stage Real Madrid;antici! Those going to lower leagues in military left H N D B D R D D in situation of receivables plan. internal paras D people to continue playing football to put m in bread collected and collected. Voicing se entries. 1 million, 2 million people, orange-eat □ provincial ride I think cars error. T&n also n h h rk Real Madrid footballers has done □ of □ OF □ of errors. Base □ of □ someone of T&G entry or foreign government as Turkish footballer player&treatment memek d laz m nas H L h y h z bakmal Health History we can come to m. Gene&more supporting players: nt S H D n K D D D D D A D ad no arrow or ikar"

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