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Passed with a score kasimpasa Galatasaray net

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Passed with a score kasimpasa Galatasaray net
Kasimpasa Galatasaray with a score of net passed date of entry: 16.9.2017 18:13 Updated date: 16.9.2017 22:22 Super League leaders Galatasaray, 5. cap back on 2-0 week.

Galatasaray Kasimpasa continues its undefeated season with a win. Yellow-kırmızılılar remaining 4 matches 3 wins, 1 draw. By defeating Galatasaray 2-0 on a score by back cap, navy blue-white team against league's 17. ir win is achieved. Yellow-kırmızılılar also 4 last season in Super League this season, 4 games saw face of Defeat. The lion, undefeated, with 8 consecutive win Kasimpasa took 9 games in series. The students of Tudor defeat kasimpasa played at Türk Telekom Stadium in 2017 in latest 6 received a score of 3-1.After this game Galatasaray score: 13.

IASMIN latovlevic in field for first timeGalatasaray vs Massey returns from iasmin Santos added to staff as leaders held latovlevic, yellow-red uniform came out to first game against kasimpasa. The Romanian player in first 4 weeks left-back due to injury and his failure to wear form form linnes Martin in area due to wearing, left-back area he worked in. Latovlevic, field due to injury and a nose mask.

GALATASARAY first 11 in only fireGalatasaray technical director, Igor Tudor, that collects 10 points in first 4 weeks has made only one change in team. The new transfer form instead of first 11 latovlevic iasmin Martin linnes injury while wearing Croatian coach didn't change outside of this region.KASIMPASA no changeKasimpasa Technical Director Identical Kemal, ilhan cavcav, League Season 4. new malatyaspor in struggle broke first week evkur 11.

FORGOTTEN Metin OktayGalatasaray fans, yellow-red and one of legendary names of Turkish football team, Metin Oktay, was first home match September 13, which is after date of death. All pictures were found hanging banners in stands where while words and Metin Oktay, Metin Oktay said marches stands.VEYSEL Sari with tension between Igor Tudorveysel Sari sakatlanar in 9th minute of fight after lying re for a while, tensed Türk Telekom Stadium. Veysel when calling for a stretcher, didn't have experienced players left field. Then, aside from heavy Veysel discussed with Galatasaray technical director Igor Tudor. Tudor, Veysel, "move fast" called.

41 680 thousand people took his place at stadium Turk TelekomGalatasaray kasimpasa 41 680 thousand fans in stands as guest took his place in fight. Fewer fans in stands while supporting team kasimpasa, Galatasaray fans in stands left little holes.FEGHOULI, TT stepped onto field at stadium for first timeGalatasaray's new transfer Sofiane Feghouli, 71. Tolga cigerci entered game instead of minutes. This change in conjunction with Algerian player at stadium Turk Telekom for first time she was wearing a form.SINAN REACTION to Silver criticism of fans by saying he wanted to go constantly during transfer period, Silver attracted Sinan, Turkish Telecom at stadium it took to react. 83. Garry Rodrigues who entered game in place in minutes Sinan, Silver, yellow-red isliklandi by fans. In addition 86. Galatasaray rival catches good young players who misinterpreted a position 4 a minute, it took to react after this position.

match minutes (first half)28. belhanda minutes Maicon on right side of his head from a corner kick in penalty kick round lear auta top spot.33. meet ball right across penalty area in minute in share of Mariano Rodrigues in middle waiting for ball lear round his shot turned into a goalie playground meet on Ramadan.

35. minute Mariano, who met ball on right flank to meet ball on penalty spot in middle of head kick round lear auta top gomis did.40. minute ball on left wing with Gomis on penalty spot to meet in middle of latovlevici, belhanda reduced. Kick round lear auta went from bottom of belhanda with advent of a pole.

42. Mariano who met ball on pass of minutes ndiaye's right-wing cross into penalty area his shot round lear by entering from bottom of mast, went auta.45. minute ball right across penalty area to meet belhanda in share of Gomis, goalkeeper with his shot, round lear with mesh to Ramadan calimlayar met. 1-045+1. meet ball at minute hard column outside penalty area round lear auta went from sadiku at bottom of a pole.

58. Kasimpasa approached lake in minutes. Used front crossbar right corner kick lear round back he swiped rangel sadiku, Veysel Sari kick ball went auta.

63. in middle of ball along with neumayr minutes muslera kick round lear auta hand rangel rising to head.

68. minutes of usage Ramazan Köse a hard shot from outside penalty area, but goalkeeper Tolga did not allow goals.

79. second goal of Galatasaray in minute is found. Serdar Aziz from left landed in middle belhanda with ball head, available position offers gomis lear round net: 2-0

81. in middle of floor touched ball inside penalty area mensah minutes but remained in Angel's lear round muslera.

Galatasaray Match ended 2-0 with rule.

Stat: Turk Telekom

Referee: cuneyt cakir, Bahattin Duran, Tarık Ongun

Galatasaray: Muslera, Mariano, Maicon, Serdar Aziz, latovlevic (min. 88 Experiments), Rodrigues (Min. Sinan 83 Silver), N'diaye, Fernando, Tolga Usage (Min. 71 Feghouli), Belhan, Gomis

Kasimpasa: Ramazan Köse, Popov, Veysel Sari, Youssef (Min. Omeruo 67), Veigneau, Sadiku Pavelka, Neumayer Murillo (Min. 73 Mensah), Trezeguet, Eduok (Min. 55 Angel)

goals: min. 44 and 79 Gomis (Galatasaray)

yellow cards: min. Eduok 30, Min. 34 Pavelka, Min. 76 Veigneau, Min. Sadiku 84 (Kasimpasa), Min. 90+2 Serdar Aziz (Galatasaray)


Kasimpasa goalkeeper Ramazan Köse, on grounds that y had spent time in first half of match Galatasaray yellow-red intense was subjected to reaction of fans.Super League 5. Galatasaray Kasimpasa at Turk Telekom Stadium in week are faced with. The first half yellow-reds a 1-0 lead in match with Galatasaray fans reacted to ending cap back experienced goalkeeper Ramadan is around corner. Uses and resides in movement for a shot on goal on grounds that spending time in free throws isliklanan Corner, received a verbal warning from match referee cuneyt cakir.


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