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& quo; I want to be real Fenerbahce & quo;

Fenerbahçe ' The experienced scorer Roberto Soldado, who was in the beginning of the season, gave an interview to the club's October number. Soldado, &quo; Real Madrid and Fenerbahçe ' I'm very, very, very.

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& quo; I want to be real Fenerbahce & quo;

Important notes from Spanish footballer's interview are as follows:

"Real Madrid and Fenerbahce"

We have a technical director who has already made Fenerbahçe a champion, and now only thought; We could be champions again. The team squad has been renewed with se objectives. I know targets very well. I'm a champion team. Real Madrid and Fenerbahce are very many, because size of Fenerbahçe is same place that Real Madrid held in Spain. It's a great honour for me to wear and serve this. "I want to be a real Fenerbahce at GALATASARAY game"

In Super League, as in Spain, derby is expected and experienced with a high level of excitement for both fans and players. Important and special encounters, also expected in terms of points status. I was proud of my team's high-level struggle in Besiktas match. If I take part in Galatasaray match, I want to score and be real Fenerbahce. "We all want to play" It is important that we contribute to each or's development in practice and enjoy game in field and our good deal. We will have a team at end of this communication between us. We all want to play, and we have competition between us and competition in field will contribute to team in same way. If everyone does ir best, player will surely perform at highest level. " I want to travel more to Istanbul"is my favorite place right now; Kadikoy and of course our stadium. I also had opportunity to visit historic sites in Istanbul. I saw Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmet communities. That region is truly fascinating in terms of culture and history. In time I plan to travel and recognise Istanbul more. "I will surely go to Fenerbahçe Doğuş Games" I love all sports; Sport is my hobby in general. This year I will surely go to Fenerbahçe Doğuş games. Because when I was in Valencia, I was following Valencia basketball team. I really enjoy watching basketball. I'm watching tennis and Formula one. I play tennis and I'm a good audience. I like playing Golf, too. "national team every player's dream" Playing on national team is dream of every player, but re is a big competition in Spain, where young players come and y can perform very high levels of performance. To get to national team, I must first play with my percentage and contribute to team. ,; I have Fenerbahce in my head first! The most mobile app you use: Instagram. Official social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Your favorite PS game: Formula 1 2017. Most played e-Games: Mario Kart, I'm playing with my teammates. Your favorite food: paella but I don't know how. Favorite song, singers: Alejandro Sanz. Favorite TV Show/series: suits. Your favorite book/magazine: Armstrong's life. The most successful athlete and footballer: Messi. Non-football Maywear. Favorite Top 11: Goalkeeper: Neuer/Right Bek: Dani Alves/left Bek: Marcelo/Stoperler: Ramos, Thiago Silva/Open right: Messi/left open: Neymar/midfield: Modric, Verratti/forvettes: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewandowski/coach: Zinedine Zidane


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