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&quo; My only goal is to take my place in the club history & quo;

Galatasaray ' in the new season, Fernando Reges, Galatasaray magazine ' Nin 170. Number.

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&quo; My only goal is to take my place in the club history & quo;

The words of Brazilian player's interview are as follows:

"I was dreaming of se days ""It wasn't easy to come here. I was playing football in a really small club in Brazil. I transferred from re to Porto. But you have to look at it this way. From a very small 19-year-old club, when Porto transfers you, you have a quality. Hard? Yes, it's hard. But I managed to do it. That was first step. At that age, very few players are invested. I realized that, so I loved working and I never gave up. "Were you dreaming of se days?" Yes, I was. I finally came to where I am. " "Jesualdo Ferreira's Place is separate""Pep Guardiola has brought me a lot to work with. I learned a lot from him. But Guardiola's got style. He wants to put 19-20-year-old youth on team and reflect his own philosophy with those players. Because I'm in future as a age, I have a little chance of form. Although I think it's a great chance to work with him. I worked with names such as Pep Guardiola, Jesualdo Ferreira, Andre Villas Boas and Manuel Pellegrini, but technical man who impressed me most was Jesualdo Ferreira... I learned amazing things from him in my first year in Europe. He said something. "The most important position in team is role you play. So in tactical terms, your stance on field will affect whole team. " For this reason, I had an incredible development in sense of tactics at my young age, and it was thanks to Jesualdo Ferreira. " I had information about Galatasaray before coming, "I was wrong about Galatasaray". But I still collected information. I had no idea about Istanbul. When I arrived, I saw that I was not mistaken about how big a club Galatasaray was. There's a really big history and an incredibly good fan group. We used to be very quickly in Istanbul. My family and I are very happy to live here. Istanbul is most beautiful city I've ever lived. This place has made me think about it for a month at end. " "My only goal is to takemy place in club history" "Any pressure that would be expected does not affect me. Because I've always had an expectation since beginning of my career. The pressure to be better, pressure to pass my family... I've been through this all time, but I'm not negatively impressed. At moment, my only goal is to get in best way in history of Galatasaray. " " better than Portuguese league""Turkish league is definitely a tough and hard league. It's pointless to compare with Premier league, but I'd say it's a better league than Portuguese league. All teams we've encountered so far have high-level players... "everyone is locked on target" "Our team of all our friends are good players and modest people... In teams like this, friendship is spirit of highest level. I have to tell you, everyone's locked in target. In my adaptation process, my teammates had significant contributions to me. Their approach to me, our teacher's involvement, shortened my adaptation process. " " MANU started with game""a quarter-finals match against Manchester United, and I had an incredibly good game. I was too young. I grabbed a lot of balls and Porto fan started calling me octopus. Then I continued this moniker. " "To be able to be happy with my dream fan""I can qualify fans of Galatasaray as fantastic. Galatasaray community with a very excellent fan group. My mor-in-law, for example, has always come and watched me on my team before this. But he has a special interpretation of himself. He says he's never really seen a group of fans like that. My only dream is to make m happy. For that, you can become a champion at end of season. When we're champions, I'm sure we'll make m very happy. "


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