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"we Want a medal"

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"we Want a medal"

Pau Gasol and Sergio Scariolo, saddened by poor performance in semi, remember that goal before tournament was back onto podium

The blow was hard, worse ways that consequences, convinced Spanish group from beginning of difficulties that insurance would be in tournament to win back gold. It was not expected, yes, crash before on Slovenia, especially because selection reached semi-final too, be warned of flight of balkans, ir rhythm, ir hunger and ir talent. Nothing worked before Luka Doncic and company, a huge real madrid and not just him, fine from triple, ferocious in defence. Superior, in a word. Almost unreachable last night in Istanbul.

"In third quarter we lost a little bit and we've responded with precipitation and accelerated. Them with a favorable wind, and y have even played better. From first game have played very well and we from first day we have worked for a medal and that a goal that is within reach," noted Scariolo, eager to lift morale of his own and enfocarles to a nice farewell Sunday, with a new metal in suitcase. It would be 13th since 1999. Pau Gasol, in his analysis, also called head up to your people. There is still something important for him to fight against Serbia or Russia, loser of semifinal that today is disputed.

Three triple board and frustration

"We have to digest defeat, with humility, and prepare us for bronze. We can still go with a joy. After sticks, lows, adversity that we had, we left with a medal hanging would be a great joy, although it is now difficult to see", he recalled, before noting problems that were on pitch, that martyrdom from long distance which Slovenia broke out on Spain.

"we have Not gone very well things, between that, that you're not successful and that opposing team puts three triples board... It's a little frustrating. There are ways harder to lose. Although all of defeats have hurt, but you have to understand that this happens", it took leader of selection and best player in our entire history. Scariolo had no choice but to recognize lighting of slovenia and grayness of his own. "We have tried many things, but seemed to find a way of getting us a basket with anything we were doing. And it was a bit of a dent, it created frustration and not helping us to respond with clarity. I think that a little bit because of this we have failed shots very comfortable", she added.

Although obviously it does not weigh like a bronze than a gold or a silver one, official discourse from first day of concentration is that goal of Spain in Eurobasket was to return with a medal. There is anor this group to get up from blow last night with Slovenia and meet with his appointment of each summer. As Palos de la Frontera of Columbus, starting point of this streak that puts Spain out of time is distant and diffuse.

"Tap to check errors,"

it Was perhaps a medal unexpected of 1999, but also symbolic: it was to be last without juniors of gold, who same summer had conquered world in Lisbon. Carambola to enter rooms and sorpresón re to bring to Lithuania. At Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy we only stopped in Italy. It was beginning of an age that, 18 years later, still in a full force, despite setbacks such as last night against Slovenia, one of those teams so many times plucked that took good revenge.

on Sunday, Spain will seek to expand collection and add 13th medal. Escaped tenth end of story, pushing for that would have been fourth gold in last five Eurobasket. It has been repeated a lot se days, but resounding reality, despite disappointment, forces you to remember: only USSR and Yugoslavia can look into eyes of this Spain unforgettable.

"Now's time to review mistakes we have made, to accept defeat, to rest and prepare for next match to get bronze medal", said yesterday Sergio Rodriguez, almost morning already. "For us it is a big defeat because we wanted very much to be in final," he acknowledged with sadness.


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