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Ray-Ban, Clarks, and bomber: the dress code of the fans of lazio

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Ray-Ban, Clarks, and bomber: the dress code of the fans of lazio
ROME - is There a dress code to enter at Wimbledon, london's temple of tennis: even playing, you have to be careful not to violate rules very rigid, as y know female forced over years to change bra becauseé what y wore was not white. Some day re is a dress code as well to enter curve. In lazio, at least. Not sarà Wimbledon, but perhaps not surprisingly betrays always a certain vocation, "british". On smartphones of many fans of Lazio, a few hours, bouncing a booklet, signed by group of "Irreducible," distributed Sunday afternoon all'interno dell'Olympic. A decalogue, with illustration, on how to dress to go to cheer for Property and Again: "The style exterior è always been mirror of usò that we represent," describes proud, "manifesto," distancing "by hair of Bergamo and Brescia", " colourful decadence of our cousins", understood as romanists. Even with a streak of discrimination tutt'anor that mentioned, by "gypsies in Pescara". To render necessary, almost essential, to use a distinction from whole of this rabble, fact that "in our curve begin to relate to characters in children of times and a decline in always più visible of our companyà". Inevitable n, for those who are holding ranks to intervene: with a message "moralizing" well described by handwheel. In 's image on back of package, white with blue text, becauseé " style of exterior" is important but colors of più, appear n drawings too stylized of two figures: on one hand, "real" side. Dressed in strictly "casual", and n wearing it, as by a caption next to drawing, "hat, cashmere, or hat, of group" maximum "baseball with visor curve". Sunglasses only Ray-Ban or Persol, lear jackets bomber, military, or specific brands: of course, in casual style. New Balance shoes or Clarks, with tolerance towards Adidas. In short, "pariolino", or "north of Rome": type from aperitif to Milvian Bridge, and here it is. Enriched, of course, scarf: of group - thus, Diehard, as you can see by initials "Irr" in little drawing - or of official merchandise of Lazio. "The scarf tied to arm don't put ball". And above all, of stalls, like one that instead of wearing, tied at waist (and with inscription, typically match, "that god furmini", l'image of fan that in North Curve, reject it. The indicate under word "ors", to be clear. And y are ones with hair with "double cut "banana boat rides" (i.e. forelock all'back) or written. And n, those who lead "glasses huge gold and silver, down jackets in bright colours, tracksuit bottoms or trousers with low crotch", maybe you must get up on ankle with sock. And yet, socks, sponge, shoes with tank, or studs. In short, for "forced" in North re'è place.  The problem is that photo of slip of paper are finished as well on phones of "hated" romanists. And unfortunately, that così accurate display of identityà, it was also a lot of to become subject of sfottò among fans: and n l'man of handwheel, "real" lazio, s'è found protagonist of posters reinterpreted ("The lazio wears prada"), of symbolic images, travel of moon-style "is 'intruder". To great regret of all those ultrà that for years discuss how y should dress a real fan. In 2006, dress code curve had become even a topic on which it was debated in blogs of ultrà of half world. Triggering a clash between titans: on one hand, old philosophy of "always wear a jersey of club" (official ça va sans dire), from' or, rampant casual style to transform into "uniform" from stadium. And she was even l'diplomatic incident on mythical hat, a Burberry (sarà for this that does not produce più?). Of course, flyer evokes a po' those strange invitations to me parties: now all that remains is to choose wher you will go in a curve, clos pariolini or to that birthday in style of Years '70.


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