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RECEP Cetin's goal is Besiktas!

Besiktas, which is the team captain of the Iron Group, which has been wearing a long years and the assistant coaches Recep Cetin, Black-Beyazlı club house...

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RECEP Cetin's goal is Besiktas!
RECEP Cetin's goal is Besiktas! AA Football News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 13:11 Besiktas wearing jersey for many years and team cap The Iron band Sivasspor's assistant coaches Recep Cetin, black-and-white club house, and will be a great honour for any kind of mission to be given, he said.

Recep Çetin said in his statement that he has been coaching for many years, "I chose to work with right people. Of course, I have goals. My goals are always higher, higher, greater achievements. Besiktas is my home, re is no great honor in all sorts of missions. Besiktas can be a technical director. If not, I'll be sorry. I had many championships in Besiktas, "he said.

"We have quality players"

The Super League is transferring important players, Cetin said, European leagues are becoming synonymous with.

Çetin, Sivasspor also carried out important transfers, "Adapting to Super League, we took some time in terms of players. We're slowly exceeding m. Well, we have good quality players, I think it will be a great advantage to play toger.

The red-and-white team expressed ir desire to convert to a better, more accurate, better and more stable team Cetin said, "Sivasspor's goal is to stay in league because first goal of new teams is to stay in league," he noted.

Sivasspor emphasized that priorities of team to capture government and improve continuity, Cetin, said that y work in line with this goal.

"Battles are won by soldiers, not many generals"

Cetin, quality players, underlining transfer of , "We have targets, good players were transferred. Battles are won with soldiers, not many generals. If you do right planning, you don't need to search for a very large player if you prefer right players, "he said.

A period Besiktas football midfielder Samet Aybaba and assistant coach Zlatko Yankov is a good feeling of working with transfer cetin, "I know Samet Hodja 35 years, I was captain when I transferred to Besiktas. He's my bror. Yankov was a good and leading player who subsequently came to us. He did a great job in midfield in Besiktas. It was better for him to come to our team and work with us. "

"If you don't have ideals, you'll never succeed"

The priority is always on side of local player Recep Cetin, said:

"You can't say re are no local players, you see, re are 8-10 native players on teams. I need 14 native gamers Where re are 14 local players, you cannot say re is no native player in Turkish league. There's no plan, it's one of Turkey's biggest woes. You don't have a plan, you have no infrastructure, your coaches aren't right, you don't make right choices, n player is not an excuse. It doesn't change if you take it to 18 strangers, not 14. You don't have to say anything to a foreign player. You say, "This is your lack," and it works, but local actors don't work, but y don't work, y don't improve. And when it doesn't, y're fragile too quickly. When you look at financial issues in Turkey, re are big cliffs, and we know that foreign players are playing a lot of wild numbers. I want native actors to be in front of m a little more, and I want m to have more of ir work. Without your ideals, you'll never succeed. "

Cetin, Championship candidates Besiktas, Galatasaray and Medipol Başaksehir added that he said.


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