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Riza Çalıkbay is here, Emre Aksoy went

Trabzonspor Financial Affairs Coordinator Emre Aksoy reacted to the introduction of Riza Çalırbay to the task of coaching, the club's duties and management...

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Riza Çalıkbay is here, Emre Aksoy went
Riza Çalıkbay has arrived, Emre Aksoy went to DHA Football News date of entry: 18.10.2017 update 15:55 Me Date: 18.10.2017 15:56 Trabzonspor Financial Affairs Coordinator Emre Aksoy reacted to introduction of Rıza Çalılmbay to task of coaching, from club's duties and He said he resigned from board of directors.

Stating that he resigned from his duties and administration with a written statement, Aksoy said:

"In a large club like Trabzonspor, in largest community of Trabzon, we have honour of managing a team that people think about every day. At point where we came today, I see that management is not to be managed. Trying to solve bugs with errors is to play with future of Trabzonspor, not to act with intellect and hand. The introduction of sun laterally to team was wrong choice from beginning. At beginning of season, Hodja was supposed to change, and we continued with thought that mistakes were made. It's not expected again. The last decision was made by Riza Çalım instead of lateral. A good teacher can be a good person. Can perform successfully with Trabzonspor. However, such decisions should be made with common mind of board of directors to influence future of Trabzonspor. Unfortunately this was not done. "

"Is right choice?"

Trabzonspor aiming for championship, Riza Çalırbay, questioning wher right choice of Aksoy's descriptions continued:

"Trabzonspor has a very good staff. A team of quality players has been created. A lot of money was spent. We've put a championship target in 50th year. The leader may be a Trabzonspor survivor, but league's high-ranking matches are just starting. As we have cut our hopes for championship, we've brought Mr. Riza to team. If target is a champion, would riza Hodja be right choice? If we had gone away from championship, would riza Hodja be only choice? There are values raised by this city, and those values are technical directors around Turkey. It could have been one of m. "

"I wish TRABZONSPOR achievements"

Noting that team and fans had justified reactions to course, Aksoy said, "I understand and deserve m. 1461 two seasons were relegated to Trabzon as none of targets we put before election were performed. We came for success, but not a concrete step. We couldn't turn management mentality into a common mind. There's no point in standing where we can't be board, we don't make common decisions. I apologize to our community and our supporters, and I ask for permission. As of today, I leave my duties and board membership in Trabzonspor. I wish my club a good success, "he concluded his statement.


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