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Rome, Of Francis: "Pessimism about us? I can'environment..."

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Rome, Of Francis: "Pessimism about us? I can'environment..."
ROME - "I Would be a hypocrite to say that non c'è negativism around us, forò I find it to be somewhat premature, and is part of this world. But, knowing Rome for many years, I am not surprised at anything". Così Eusebio Di Francesco on eve of match against Verona. "What è was told, that Pallotta è came to complain to me, with team and with managers after challenge with l'Atletico Madrid, is a great lie, insincerityà around heard. And it' mounted something on nothing. We played 270' of official games, have been lifted polveroni foolish, but I am used to all of this. Negativism c'è, but I'm always positive, and I try to flip thing through work and field. The results should give me a reason"."sometimes, on hot, you say things that you should say that I have not liked. Have been clarified, but he should get più available to team". Eusebio Di Francesco pulls ears to Edin Dzeko as stated after race with l'Athletic ("sarà più difficult to score for me, with this system all più distant from me and I have not touched so many balloons"). L'striker, bosnian, you è apologized "but he must understand that when re are matches like one with 'Athletic, where, however, we did well for 45 minutes against a team two times in final of Champions league in last few years, should contact più available on team, rest will comeà refore, because; in this way, everything will becomeà più easy and he will come backà to score easily in long run. His rein has been wrong but if n'è just realized".  Rome, D'alema in version fan: "Error hunting Spalletti, now we don't have a coach," Share   A man also for D''alema, who had harshly criticized in past few days:  "He said that Rome has no play and is destined to fight for salvation? Seeing that he is a great expert of victories, when I servirà to askò council... Each one is free to say reò that wants to, but you also have to know people, ir human characteristics, to be able to say certain things".About field, Of Francis announces a welcome return in league since first minute: ", And' s time to come and Visit. Giocherà from' beginning. He made an important journey and I am convinced that toà a great performance becauseé I see him very motivated". 


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