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Rome, Pallotta: "With Francis all ok, I have full confidence in him"

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Rome, Pallotta: "With Francis all ok, I have full confidence in him"
ROME - No team in disarray. No current president against coach. No già compromise. A fortiori, after only three games. James Pallotta puts dots on 'i' and clarifies alleged words spoken in mixed zone (immediately after equal with 'Atletico Madrid) against team that, according to some of media, it would 'disappointed'. "In Rome, c'è this tendency to come up with something every morning, " thunders president to microphone 'Rome Radio' -. I have read with deep amazement at what a particular journalist has said. Before I go into details I'd like to challenge this reporter a face-to-face and prove to me that is truthà one who writes. If it is truthà sarò happy to take him to dinner and give him 50 thousand dollars. I'm sick of those who invented se things. After game with l'Athletic, " says Pallotta - all have seen me give kudos to Manolas, to embrace long-Alisson, and I did same with Francis In my mouth, not è arrived, no negative word about team's performance or on 'coach. I am extremely satisfied with work Of Francis and of what he has done ds Monchi in last 4 months. And' s really annoying to do always same speeches. By mean c'è a design to throw down this coach and this company; and if re sarà need to disprove se things, toò daily".Direct and without hairs on tongue - as he has often used in its outputs, roman - Pallotta is a river in flood: it ranks first in defense of team, "never had a rose così wide and full", n wall on Francis "extremely satisfied with his work" and, finally, underlines market Monchi "one of best ds in world, if not best". The president, tired of criticism and an environment that tends too much'exasperation, re is something for everyone and invites, in this particular moment of season, to look at glass half full. "We won with l'Atalanta on a difficult pitch, we were better team all'Inter for 60 minutes and we have hit 3 times post, and we could easily be 3-0. L'Athletic is a strong team, an opponent resounding, yet we played a good game especially in first half. And' s clear that we would have liked to win. But just see results of or Italian in Champions League, to understand that 0-0 is a good result".The president will continueà his stay in rome until Sunday. In se days is continuing to work on main sponsor, absent in 5 seasons, that would ensure a substantial increase in revenue. Saturday evening will be at stadium to attend match against Verona (it should make Schick) and n partirà at time of Boston, when for Rome will startà an intense month of matches every 3 days, that could già say a lot about what could be real goals of rose. "I don't want to just look at next month becauseé we have a long-term project - has forò braked Pallotta -. We are trying to build something lasting. In next few weeks we will have good news on stadium. The next month possamo be più or less excited about results y could get. I do not intend to lose your head in next 30 days becauseé I have confidence in solid project and long-term that we are building". Pallotta speaks about project in long term, calls us to patience and trust. The words and promises of l'environment, Rome feels for years. Hoping not only già too saturated.


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