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Saul Ñíguez: "On the issue of pique we're not just talking about football"

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Saul Ñíguez:

"I would not have done that since concentration [tweet as central]"

The interview starts with a mix-up. The Conversation with Saul Ñíguez (Elche, 22 years) leads to a word: dynamic. "You believe negative dynamics," he says, referring to press, one of greatest promises, actually, of patriotic football. Indisputable for someone as demanding as Simeone, with a clause of 150 million in athletic, guy speaks clearly. Although he measures his words a lot. We were in negative dynamics.

Why do you think that? Because you believe dynamics. At least we believe in locker room. Of course we're fucked by latest results, but we don't think dynamics are negative. With all problems that have been, without being able to sign, play almost everything out of home, against strong teams ... I think we're pretty good at what it could have been. The team is growing, re are players who grow up and play very well. Everything is more positive than negative, but you are trying to get re, because of negative, because it will sell better.

Indeed, Saul speaks of Atletico Madrid.

Notice I thought I was talking about selection. No, no, I'm talking about athletics. Speaking of selection, do you think something similar might be going on in Pique's me? It's a little more complicated re. It's not just football anymore. In selection we are not just talking about football. It is complicated for everyone, because in end you play in a field and honk a partner and we do not like. Playing at home means that people should be helping to get victory, and it's not possible. Are you afraid of what can happen in Alicante? Fear no, what has to happen will happen, and what we have to do is get victory to achieve goal. We've been a year and a half, almost two, fighting for this, and now we have to finish it. Do you think Pique could have contributed somehow to lower this noise? Tweet from within concentration, for example, could it have been avoided? [Meditate a few seconds] avoided? Well, maybe I did. Would you have done it? I personally wouldn't have done it, but it's me. And more directly about that. What solution do you see in this? I don't know, it's not my thing. My thing is to talk about Albanian party, which is most important thing for us now. Everyone should focus more on football, which is a very nice target for us and for all of Spain. Does it alter you in anything? A thousand people screaming against a partner is not pleasant. It's not nice for us. But we are totally focused on winning Albania. People have to realize that we are playing ranking for a World Cup. So let's stop talking about or things, let's talk about football. And above all, when you put on football selection shirt we will talk about football. Some people say that in locker room this debate is gone. Gerard always puts shirt of selection gives everything, and you can not reproach anything. There may be different opinions, but speaking of football you cannot be reproached for anything. So he thinks it's a non-football debate. Yes, it is. He said he didn't have to be a patriot to play in selection. It's your opinion. What about yours? I'll keep mine. Then you have to think about Albania, you say. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be a very complicated game. If we do things right, we should win. What is missing here to be as protagonist as in athletic? I go to work every day to brim, so that when Mr. goes out of a workout, a party, say: ' This guy must play, he leaves everything, fights for team '. Can't you praise him? I have a far and two siblings who, if I get to my head, y get me down quickly. Thanks to that I have this maturity that I have with my age. You may be interested


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