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Serdar Aziz: The most demanding of me was Drogba and Alex

Galatasaray's defender Serdar Aziz, Galatasaray magazine spoke. 26-year-old footballer, yellow-red in the description of the Team magazine...

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Serdar Aziz: The most demanding of me was Drogba and Alex
Serdar Aziz: The most demanding of me was Drogba and Alex, UAV Football News entry Date: 5.10.2017 12:44 Date of renovation: 5.10.2017 12:59 Galatasaray's defender Serdar Aziz, Galatasaray magazine spoke.

26-year-old footballer, yellow-red in team's magazine, explained. Serdar Aziz, who asked most challenging offensive actors, replied "Drogba and Alex de Souza". The interview of Serdar Aziz in Galatasaray's Club magazine is as follows:- most sought-after feature in stops is dexterity y will show in game. How do you see yourself on this? The Stoperler is now adjusting speed of game. Because game starts from back and quicker stopper plays, faster speed of game is increasing. But despite everything, first expectation from a stopper is to make good defense... This also applies to or positions... As an example, we expect striker to score goals, and defender is extra for a player. And football is not only played with talent, self-esteem is also very important... A mistake you make in match sometimes pushes you to play long. -Is it forcing you to play as a left stopper on a reverse foot? Not if I say I'm not struggling. It's a little harder to see game backwards.

-who are most challenging offensive players in your entire career? I can count two names. Drogba and Alex de Souza. -There are goals in woods that you ran into front pole and scored with head, and you were against Galatasaray in first game you dated Turk Telekom. Did he solve competitors ' front direct runs? Everyone was concentrating on ball while opponents were defending. I had a higher chance of meeting front pole in that defensive type. Now defense has returned to dedicate a little more man. On one hand, goal is to analyze competition as well. I thought I'd score more goals here. I hope I'm successful in following weeks. -How do you sleep with Maicon, talk about position in training? Especially before Kayserispor game, we talked a lot. We were going to play toger for first time. We've had a long talk in terms of both position and motivation. We said we'd play for each or. You have to adapt for success. We're both aware of that. Fernando's playing in front of us again. It's coming between us occasionally. His level is very important to us. I think this harmony will continue to increase. Warnings also go on dosage. -Tudor also played as a defensive stopper for many years. Do you have special advice? I've been knee-deep for four months last year. I had a serious disability. Then training started. When I was going to go to first practice, Igor Tudor called me and we had a meeting. He said he watched my videos and believed me a lot. "I believe you could be one of legends of this team," he said. Hodja also played as a defensive player for many years. He's very interested in me in that sense. -You were team captain in Bursaspor. Galatasaray in second year. Does your responsibility affect your field performance? Since I came to Galatasaray, I am playing with a capacity of 50 percent. Football is always forgotten yesterday, it is looked at today. Actually, I spend first weeks of every season as a process of adjusting. It was like this in Bursa. Then my performance is increasing. And I know I need to be a little more careful here. I was a team captain in Bursaspor. For example, I had my own decisions when team was defeated. I was taking initiative and going on offensive. I was increasing tempo of game. It's about self-esteem. I was an important player in Bursaspor in this sense but everyone here is important. I think I'll take more responsibility at moment I feel it on field. This will improve my performance. - side ball thing is very spoken. Do you really have a problem with not defending side balls in Galatasaray? We were doing field defense last season. This year, we're playing man. We work at practice. Gomis is coming, and he's getting a man. There's this thing. Rivals can't find a position in a match. Maybe ir only hope is side cannons. They're more concentrated. But we work as a team to avoid trouble. Everyone's doing ir best. -Your ambition in field is likened to Sergio Ramos in social media. What do you think of this analogy? Yes, it's something like that. It's nice to be likened. He's one of best stoppers in world. Ramos came from Seville, and he was right re playing. Now stopper. But I like Thiago Silva more than Ramos. A calmer, confident player. There's more than a stopper stance.-you became a far in July. You are now three people at home. .. Yes, our lives are now indexed to my son, Yaman Ali. When I get home, I forget everything and I take it with him. There's a whole new life after that. I'd like to be a footballer someday.


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