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Sergio Rodriguez: "Before you had millions of messages. Now we get into the semis and I have six whatsapp"

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Sergio Rodriguez: "Before you had millions of messages. Now we get into the semis and I have six whatsapp"

The base of Spanish national team has become a veteran, but continues to find fun even in games like today against Russia (16.00 h., Four), with a bronze in game to close a circle

Navarro says goodbye to selection: "it Is amazing what has happened in se 17 years"

"Is that I'm very cool!", responded se days Sergio Rodriguez when he remembered Eurobasket that was marking. It was a strange and long period of rest for a guy with basketball in vein. After blow against Slovenia touches to lift head today with Russia (16.00 h., Four), because a bronze is not any thing, a medal to lengn legend of a group in which Chacho, almost with perspective of a veteran at 31 years of age, is a fundamental part.

How do you clean mind to face a game for bronze?We have examples of past year and 2013, that we are left with a good taste in your mouth. We have to reflect on what we have done wrong, but defeat against Slovenia is already past. We are very mentalizados.How did you manage to, tournament to tournament, even after defeats, re-find hunger?When you're seeing how difficult it is way, good teams that are left out... I've been to five european and I've always been in semi-finals. It seems everyday, but it is a pass. What we see as normal, but it really is amazing. And for match against Russia, what is incentive?Is that it seems like a natural thing to win a medal and not, is complicated. We have to value it. And we also want to win for Navarro.Malacostumbran fan.When I started in selection, ended party and had a million messages from my friends, family... Now I finish a semi-final and I have six whatsapp. People see this as normal. And it is spectacular that has given this normality. The success is to always be re. And to compete, from 99. It is a pass. Especially when you see generations of or countries as good. We have to be proud of. And for sure we will evaluate it more in future.What Llull had lost against Slovenia?They are circumstances. As gave it was very difficult to win. Were successful in defense intense. We passed party ahead and we could not catch him. In rest all think same. Wore 10, 15 triple rooms and we were four down. But after start of third quarter was a complicated one.What surprised him Doncic?It was pretty good. It takes an exceptional tournament. Slovenia is a very coordinated and he has brought one important character during tournament, taking team on his back. I'm happy for him.Was it hard to adapt to coexistence on track with Ricky Rubio?We try to take advantage of what we have. With low Abrines we lost a player from outside line and we all have to adapt. Also with that of Llull, who was glue that made everything and everything well. We had to meet those setbacks. I'm finding good playing next to Ricky.Do you feel as a veteran?The freshness of Juancho, Tailor, Vives, Willy, Oriola... you see yourself reflected. Remind Me of myself when I started in 2005. Those moments of momentum, and wanting to eat world from minute one. When you see it with perspective, you appreciate more each time and you tend to dose a little situations. For example, now that European happens to be every four years, next would be 35 years... you have to seize moment, work as much as you can to not repent in future and enjoy.Does key to everything in selection is to find Gasol?It is a joy to play with m and it is clear that y are two headlights of team, in attack and in defence. Finding m is key. When you see or teams make us defenses in front, behind and uncomfortable in attack... Well, in defense re is a wall that we know that even if we go our own, re are someone of first level protecting basket. Not only is that covered, is feeling that cause on attackers. Are a last.With pressure of playing for a medal, what is also fun?Yes, yes, yes. I love to play basketball. And everything that is related to it is fun. But fun to suffer, re is a lot of tension. The night before you give him a lot of laps. In morning, meeting, how desayunas, how to eat... to Play for a medal is very exciting. And that emotion is fun. Then, party is liberation.Do you remember first match with something at stake in your career?It's 20 seconds from end of season with Students! That marked me. I had never been summoned with first team. Came on vacation, I don't know plays, I was worried... That tension from minute one of professional has helped me. After I've played many. They are special moments that we'll miss when we retire.


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