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The Athletic, to the Metropolitan without 600 million

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The Athletic, to the Metropolitan without 600 million

The club refused offers for ir stars by this amount and so excite in premiere of this Saturday against Malaga

Grow by 50 million in wages. A new distribution of revenues of Champions league clears horizon

Are 114 years of life and, however, fit on fingers of one hand days of a significance similar to that of today, September 16, 2017, in order to Atletico Madrid. The premiere of Wanda Metropolitan, a decade after idearlo, half a decade after its introduction, still unfinished in its exterior -and some interior details - long to inaugurate a new era in history of club. An unknown dimension that affects very structure of entity, that creaks because it has grown too fast, and not always well.

Atletico is a big one, but his own costs. Which now just has been, by far, worst summer of recent years. The sanction of FIFA led to a situation of helplessness hardly assumable and opening of new field forced m yes or yes to have, at least, same team that last year was third and reached semi-finals of Champions league and Cup. The guru that can do everything, Simeone, after some hesitation, decided to stay at front of small ocean liner that he himself has created, but put a condition above all that no player is left, not even paying his buyout clause. The suffering to achieve it drowned both leaders and senior executives of club, arrivals 0.00 Saturday, September 2, closed market, set out to dinner to celebrate: in fact, had not gone away no one.

The priority was to keep template

Accumulated in e-mail and whatsapp were twenty of offerings that came to offices of Calderon ( employees of club, by way, will still be re working until end of march). Atletico has rejected bids for 600 million to keep template. The names are not difficult to imagine: first, of course, Griezmann, by that United was willing to reach out to 100 million (20% variable). But, after French, which was case more eye-catching, also re has been proposed a payment clause, and offers dizzying, Saul, Koke, Giménez, Carrasco, and, last, Jan Oblak, PSG beckoned insistently in last week of August. Ah! And two players that have been on covers but y have a market, and a lot of Luke and Strap. By central sighs Guardiola, who was willing to pay his clause also (55 million).

The teams that have been called to door are usual ones: City, United, PSG, Barcelona and Juventus. The Real Madrid came in for Theo, and he took it and this time re has not been, as it has been or years, no offer disproportionately from China (for Gabi, for example). Logically, most of players called waiting for a gesture from club, which is a euphemism to describe a salary increase that allows to upload also termination clause. According to sources at club, Atletico has increased salaries of 50 million, also including coaching staff. A fact that demonstrates growth of Atletico in recent years, speaks of this aspect. In 2010, when he won first Europa League this season in Hamburg, club boasted of a revenue of 100 million, spending 55 to wages in first template (55%). Today, with a forecast income of 320 million for this course, you will spend 240 on pay to ir professionals (75%). These increases of clause have been made public in cases of Luke, Saul and Koke. With Oblak, for example, re is agreement without notice.

Future improvements at economic level

The powers-that-be in Athletic have feeling of being before a transcendental moment in history of club. This increase of expenditure of pay is linked to investment in new stadium, which is estimated at 310 million euros, and all without sell still rights of buildable Calderon. For this reason consider it essential to continue to participate in Champions league in next two or three years (something that will help fact that from next year fourth place in League also ensures group stage of Champions league) and, in this way, to settle permanently among most strong of Europe not only on a sporting level, that it already is, but at economic level. This horizon is situated at two years for two reasons. First, by entry into force of new television rights of The League in season 19/20. Atletico, who today receives around 100 million, would nearly double that amount. And re is anor aspect that will come into force next year.

this Is new format for distribution of money from Champions league. In three-year period 18-21, revenues from UEFA for competition spend 2,300 million to more than 3,000. That means more money per se for each club, but in addition to Athletic gains because you are going to change system of distribution in following way: right now, of every 100 euros that club enters, 40% comes from Market Pool, that concept where it analyzes television audiences, number of teams from same country, aspects of marketing, etc... well, that 40% is now reduced to 15%, and or 25% is apportioned in function of athletic performance of past five years, Atletico will be most benefited by this change. Because in audiences and marketing are behind City, United or Juventus, but athletically (counting those last five years) is above all of m. It is above all less than Madrid.


310 million. Is cost of stadium between plot and construction.250 antennas. They will help all spectators to enjoy broadband coverage.40 meters. Is height of a mast where it will wave a flag of 338 square metres.153 players. Are in walk of fame.16 million. Of colors allows LED lighting system.


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