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The Barça pierde to Dembélé por lesión

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The Barça pierde to Dembélé por lesión

The striker suffers an injury in hamstring of left leg

Ousmane Dembélé hasn't exactly been reaching out and kiss saint. The French striker, who was received with a resounding ovation in his debut against Espanyol, after starting as a substitute, and who gave to Juventus a few strokes of what is expected of him in club, exhibited in change your side more grey in Getafe. Yours, for moment, is a seen and not seen. Literally. Because, in addition, had to leave field of play before it was fulfilled first half hour of match. The official part of club speaks of an injury in hamstring of left leg, while technician, Ernesto Valverde, admitting a possible muscle tear.

"it's Going to be a brake on your progression, because you're going to have to spend time idle. Have to wait to see what you have. We envision a muscle tear, but I am not a doctor, although I would love to be. It is a pity for us. Was entering into dynamic of team and is going to have to stop, but hopefully not for a long time", played coach of Barça after win against Getafe. It will be a new experience for Dembélé. Up until now, had not lost a game due to injury as a professional, or Rennes, or in Borussia Dortmund. In Germany, that yes, he had to be off of ten days by a pain in flexors of hip, although that coincided with winter break of Bundesliga.

The extent of his injury will determine length of baja. What seems unquestionable is that re may be or against Eibar and against Girona, two League matches that will be played next week. You may not to Sporting of Portugal, in Champions league. The match against Las Palmas, on 1st of October, a visit to Wanda Metropolitan, two weeks later, after break for international commitments of selections, seem to change most plausible scenarios for his return.

Dembélé he lived one of sides most bitter of football. Paulinho, in contrast, was able to enjoy sweetness of success. The brazilian, one of signings most discussed of club, won both of victory of Valverde. "I feel very happy for scoring second goal and give victory to team. The most important thing is that team knew how to overcome being behind on scoreboard. It is a merit of all, it was a difficult match and we managed to get three points," said brazilian, who took advantage of one of its great virtues: arrival from second line. "It is difficult for rivals to mark a player that is incorporated from back, as he often does Rakitic or as I do it myself. In addition, he was a great pass from Leo" analyzed.

Paulinho was one of pieces that managed to Valverde to turn match. If last year's wardrobe was great Achilles heel of Club, things seem very different now. Gerard Deulofeu, release Dembélé, gave anor air attack, and Denis Suárez, who came on after break for Andres Iniesta, scored first goal azulgrana. "They marked it is important for m from a personal point of view, because it gives m that point of trust that can strengn and, in addition, in face of group, we know that our template is large," said coach barcelonista, who tried to remove credit for triumph achieved.

"sometimes you make a change and if you make a goal it seems that you are right, if not, that you were wrong. It's all very subjective and is a function of wher you succeed or not victory. Sometimes you make a change with a general idea and nothing occurs or happens not what you thought," said Valverde. Denis Suárez, for its part, did want to claim important role of technician in this good start. "We need all players is confidence, coach we are giving it to and what we have to do is take advantage of our opportunity when we go", he explained.

The goal, in addition, gives a lot of moral. "Put us face encounter when it seemed that all was lost. It is a start of championship spectacular. Last year we lost League by losing in matches as well, in fields as this is where you earn title", he said.


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