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The children of the Camorra run towards the death

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The children of the Camorra run towards the death

Roberto Saviano presents in Madrid his latest book, where he tells how heads under 20 years of age, have shaken mafia neapolitan

An Italian men have an average life expectancy of 80.1 years. When Emanuele Sibillo turned 18, refore, could look to future with some confidence. Was, still, an infinity. Came, in addition, day on which y became of age. Hence, capo troublemaker, encouraged followers of his account of Facebook to celebrate: “I Celebradme much!”. Seemed enthusiastic, as any young person before ir 18th birthday. The difference, however, came shortly after. Because message of Sibillo continued: “At 21, I don't believe he comes”. In effect: July 2, 2015, a sniper shot him in back and fulfilled his prophecy. Barely had time to get to 19. “Your time is running much faster”, explains Roberto Saviano. Refers to small leaders that have rocked mafia napolitana, and challenged ancient clans. To m writer has dedicated his last novel,The band of children, who Scramble edit now in Spain, and that author presented last night at Italian Institute of Culture in Madrid, interviewed before large audience by journalist Ana Pastor.

“When I meet with some of m, first thing that stand out is my age: ‘what 38 years old? You are an old. Then you haven't done anything; if you don't, because you'd be dead,” insisted writer. Although something Saviano did. In 2006, Italian recounted in Gomorrah what he had seen and heard within Camorra, with names and surnames. The drug lords put a price on your head and, though not killed, yes y took life. Since n, author lives escorted, changes of home every few days and has also changed his style. Before, it was served on your sense of smell and stepping on street. His existence in quarantined because he was deprived of that, but in exchange provided a wide access to police, files, investigations, judges, prisoners, and repentant punctures telephone. There goes actual base that inspires The band of children. For a Pastor, book is a mixture of Gay Talese, Patria, Fernando Aramburu and Fariña, de Nacho Carretero.

To promote it, Saviano returned to Spain five years from your last visit. And he said that new cubs of Camorra reach world in a hurry, and so y leave. “At 15 learn to shoot. 20 are professional assassins. 30 or reach”, sums up poster of Robinú, a documentary by Italian journalist Michele Santoro on same subject, available on Netflix. Sibillo, for example, was already far of a child a year and a half when he died. Anor was on way, although young man never knew.

Without fear of death, children of criminals not afraid of drug lords traditional. Rar, opposite. With power vacuum created after fall of clan Giuliano, in nineties, he got his moment. And your mule. All or nothing, now or never. Dozens of kids between 10 and 20 years, rejected authority of old pillars of Camorra, accused him of having lost sight of values and defense of ir neighborhoods, and imposed a new law. “The bambini have marked a transformation in power. Control entire areas of Naples. And manage it all: sale of cocaine, its quality, corruption of police, sentinels. It is lowering required age to send, ” explained Saviano.

To define m, neapolitan uses a Spanish word: paranza. Spanish is no longer used, although y indicated boats that went out fishing for night. The paranza dei bambini also check ir nets when everyone's asleep. “But come to kill human beings,” said writer. The own Sibillo for example, fired in full face of anor boy, guilty of looking boss in eyes and to question its authority. Then, along with his clan, left bar and went to drink at anor local, as told Saviano. As if nothing. “In Naples, in Europe,” he stressed several times writer.

The inaction of Italy contributes to lock you up in a cul-de-sac, according to Saviano. The path legal it sounds to sweat and wages depressing. The Camorra, in contrast, offers immediate cash, power and respect. The hourglass starts to run very fast is least of it. Some even come from middle-class-high, and requested career mafia to keep promises that your life of bourgeois is not maintained. “If you walk into a paranza, raisins, always ahead of ors and you have a reserved table at any site,” added Saviano. “I never knew innocence. They believe that world is a place disgusting. They are soldiers in a war that we're not telling”, he added. So much so that book divides its world into two categories: “fucked and jodidores”. Needless to clarify what y want to belong to bambini.

To do this, you are ready to all. Guided by examples such as The price of power, Pablo Escobar, series Gomorrah (Saviano is a co-writer, inspired by your book) or “Dan Bilzerian, a guy who has vinto € 100 million to online poker, you are always on vacation and says that he hates to work.” It is not surprising that most of real characters that inspired characters of Saviano have already died or are in jail. “Repeated often in a phrase: ‘If you die at 90, old. If you die at 20, legendary”. That's why y consider Sibillo all a myth. Until we left over a year.


Author: Roberto Saviano. Translation of Juan Carlos Gentile Vitale.

Editorial: Anagram (2017)

Format: ebook and paperback (377 pages).

20,81€ in House Book


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