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The Gasol give Navarro the last medal

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The Gasol give Navarro the last medal

The brors (51 points and 14 rebounds) knocked down resistance of Russian

The captain is being fired with three gold (one world and two european), four silvers (two olympic and two european) and three bronzes (one olympic and two european)

A bronze for old times, for friendship, for that is a commitment that a group of players, summer to summer, became a legend. A bronze as a farewell to captain and, who knows, maybe also for Pau Gasol. A bronze by Llull and by or fallen. A bronze for close to a circle, from Istanbul to Istanbul, from 2001 to 2017. But also a bronze for future, so that once nostalgia follow Spanish basketball in bid. Those who were, who are and will be. All toger at Sinan Erdem managed to defeat Russia with that pride that always accompanied m. [Narration and statistics (93-85)]

it Is commendable ability to reinvent itself, to re-gar forces and arrests after every fall. In those details, in that self-love to never take anything for lost, till successes. Harangued Pau as if appointment were last of ir lives. And dawn had little to do with previous two. It was look, attitude, determination. It was way to stop dry Shved, who defended one and defended it all. Were Gasol dominating both rings to impotence Russian.

Although selection remains fit once again, of those that do contain breath when Kurbanov was launched in suicidal action on floor, taking with her back left ankle of Marc. Piling up giant seven consecutive points at instant of injury. Scored three free-kicks -re was unsporting - and went limping to unleash all alarms. Just n he was going to bring Russia, too timid Willy on Mozgov (21-17).

Partial of 11-0

it Was back to Pau and back light. There is No one in all Russia able to stop him. Only four free throws wrong were a blur in first half of scandal, also in defense, with anthological plugs. He returned with a partial 11-0. Was moved n selection, work in shadow of huge Oriola, magic of Chacho and defence manual of Ricky to Shved. Spain was in no way roller, but almost, threatening to break duel (45-28 at break).

At turn in changing rooms I would take Marc over Pau, a nightmare for Russia that name. Returned, go if he returned. Scored with a fluent insulting, no trace because of his sore ankle, while selection maintained advantage to of Bazarevich, who did rubber-based flashes. Crouching as in semi-final against Serbia.

Feint of Marc Gasol to defense of Mozgov. OZAN KOSEAFP

y Came alive in last act, and even came true when a loss in middle of track cost him Ricky second unsportsmanlike. The sent him to dugout five minutes from end, a serious setback that spurred russians. After all, a triple Kulagin to raise voltage (76-71, min. 36). And all that with Shved on bench. Anor Zubkov, already untied, to glimpse shore (78-76, min. 38).

Spain kept calm and concentration. A rebound offensive of Pau, a ft from Chacho's and a couple of cons to return to celebrate a victory, sixth medal continental consecutive year, ninth since 1999 in 10 Eurobasket, and a bronze clasp on back of Gasol (51 points between two), that y hanged Navarro -he returned to track last minute - his last medal.


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