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The hero of Barcelona is Paulinho

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The hero of Barcelona is Paulinho

The brazilian saves triumph azulgrana against a Getafe that are ahead on scoreboard thanks to a great goal of japanese Shibasaki

Denis Suárez, author of first of team of Valverde, has changed face of his team after a lousy first time

So is classification of First

Paulinho. Laughing stock for having been exiled to league of china. For having gone down to gutters of football because, on surface, nobody repairing him. For having failed at Tottenham.

But, above all, for having led Barcelona to pay 40 million euros. Paulinho, whose presentation had same glamour that a game of bingo in a hotel on coast, was silent in face of so much choteo. And responded to in Getafe. There will not forget strength of your body, where it crashed poor Djené. Also reliability of your foot, a hammer that allowed club to save win on a late afternoon with smell of mothballs. [Narration and statistics: 1-2]

One of senior leaders of Barcelona is former socialist politician Albert Soler. A few days ago, said that "some play to oca, and or parcheesi", when referring to emergence of so-called clubs-Been in market of football. When club cashed in six years 204,5 million euros by government of Qatar, encorbatados as Javier Faus said that "Qatar Foundation is same as Unicef." To know which plays Getafe. Neir have given, nor has board. Newly promoted, has spent this summer 12.4 million (192,5 Barca). You do not have kids to gold-plated such as Dembélé, whose muscles have been cracked at first change. Nor does a second drive as one that heads now Paulinho, and keeping jewelry, such as Denis Suarez. But can club mallard getting excited about guys like japanese Shibasaki. A lash of yours on front was on verge of leaving club without speaking.

while football does not exist any boundary between heaven and hell, not left to worry that Barcelona, who had to submit to Juventus and winning three League matches without conceding a single goal, exhibit a tone as that which dieth of itself in first act of Coliseum. Ernesto Valverde, who was coming difficulties, it was thought advisable to make a single change to duel of Champions. Sergi Roberto had to Semedo in lane. Did not seem sufficient.

Well it was because ants had already colonized calves of over one, wher it was because height of lawn were forced to wear boots with toe iron, Barcelona sat still for 45 minutes. And well he took advantage of Getafe, orderly in rear and what is more incisive on counter attack.

Injury of Dembélé

The first warnings of azulones came thanks to steady loss of Dembélé, as disoriented as unfortunate. So much so, that after trying a heels, he saw how hamstring of left leg denied pyrotechnics.

it Was precisely after a slip of extreme French when Shibasaki tried to put tray in first goal, Jorge Molina. Pique, who shortly before had seen yellow to bring down striker after a pipe, he managed to deflect ball in area. First knee, n hand. Shibasaki took revenge with a spectacular volley that led to Barcelona for a while to scaffold. Guaita and ordered him to with a flight redeemer to squad after a shot of lack of Messi.

Not rejected your responsibility to Valverde, relieved at end by stick of Arambarri. Deulofeu, substitute for former striker of Dortmund, offered competitiveness. Denis, replacement Iniesta offered to him by end game. And before poor deployment of Luis Suárez, Messi attended progress of Paulinho for throat of field to descerrajar lock, intruding between two defenders and booted fame of proscribed and free a Barcelona that maintains full in League.


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