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The reports of Vitesse-Lazio: Bastos and the Baggies into a tailspin, the Property does not forgive

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The reports of Vitesse-Lazio: Bastos and the Baggies into a tailspin, the Property does not forgive
STRAKOSHA 6.5 - can Notò nothing about two goals but his quality; you can see when he says no to a winner of Matavz from edge of 'area.BASTOS 4.5 - A night of rare suffering, starting from 'error that opens to Matavz space you need to fill comfortably momentary 1-0. Step 4-back goes furr in difficultyà, save a parade of Strakosha on a winner of 'ex-way and aim is wrong Castaignos, two steps down to make it 3-3.DE VRIJ 5.5 - In general confusion, is one that tries to keep standing in department, even if on occasion of network's 2-1 maybe she could do a little più.LUIZ FELIPE 5 - The baptism by owner is not; of best: do you draw often from ball losing distance with comrades of department, to remedy a'reprimand avoidable that conditions in 'face Rashica on occasion of advantage of Dutch.1′ st real ESTATE 7 - The goal is usual icing on a cake made of a lot of race and a fundamental work for team-mates. Puts a hand also in network of Murgia.MARUSIC 5.5 - Play a decent first half, showing some starting point to an appreciable, but is suffering with passage of defence 4: it pushes a little too passive on doubling Dutch.PAROLO 7 - Is well and it shows. Già in a ball in boot, of three midfielders is one that tries to float more on line of Luis Alberto, and managed to dab in disqualification. The great goal of first draw is a fair reward for his performance.GENNARO 5 - step was not that of sprinter was already a known thing, but l' " former Cagliari also suffers when c'è to do game, except for normal administration, despite left-handed educated. Inzaghi sacrifices in time più difficult.From 17′ st MILINKOVIC-SAVIC 6 - Just his presence, physical and technical, to convey feeling of a median più square. Not great things, only what was needed in a complicated stage of game.MURGIA 6.5 - occasionally between lines in first time, change of form gives più solutions. He is good to go on ball, decisive, and not è a small thing. BAGGIES 5 - Confirmation of all of usò that first year of Lazio had made widely guess: he can be devastating when può go to free rein from outside of whole band, lagging incredibly when Inzaghi was short of men, take on line of 4 defenders. Rashica crazy, inevitable change.20′ st. 6 - Takes delivery Rashica and damming fury.LUIS ALBERTO 6.5 - C'è need a year to run, but Inzaghi now has a player useful. Playmaker can always to find space to think and be ready on set pieces is a constant threat, with 4-3-1-2 is appreciated in any situation of pure direction.CAICEDO 6 - Physical imposing, a great desire to do pressing - sometimes even too much -a couple of interesting actions, and blow of heel that allows Property to find network of 2-2. Mess around a little' from technical point of view, but as first holder does not c' is evil.


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