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Tudor and Aykut Kocaman ' Derby ' plan!

Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe League 9. Before the giant derby to be played during the week, both teams are continuing preparations for the final... 9th Division of the Super League. Week...

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Tudor and Aykut Kocaman ' Derby ' plan!
Tudor and Aykut Kocaman ' Derby ' plan! Date of entry: 18.10.2017 17:26 update Date: 18.10.2017 17:29 between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce 9th League. Before giant derby to be played during week, both teams are continuing preparations for final...

9th Division of Super League. Galatasaray and Fenerbahce will face week. Both teams are preparing ir final preparations before giant derby, where Turkey is eagerly awaited. Here are latest developments from both Galatasaray and Fenerbahce fronts...


Galatasaray Community 8 points Farka rejoice while opponent Fenerbahce match in front of everything right now. Galatasaray coach Igor Tudor, who wants to win derbide and reduce hopes of a rival championship in this match.

The Croatian coach, who has been preparing for this derby for 2 weeks, has almost completed preparations for tactical preparation of yellow-blue of national match. But Tudor has plans to mentally prepare his team. After Konya match, Tudor team asked for next day at Florya. The main purpose of Tudor was to tell team that he wanted to make a renewal practice and did his best to avoid injury.

Tudor, who gars his players around, continues with promises that nobody expects while telling everyone importance of Derby once again: "I give you 1 day off. But this permission is not for you to lie down and rest! Whatever you have in your head is for you to solve in one day. Fenerbahce match is most important game of this season, so far we play. Therefore, with your family, your lover, your spouse, your child... If you have any problems with whomever, untie him and go back to your mind in soccer.

"The most important test for championship"

Everyone's mind will only be here before Fenerbahçe match. Our most important test on road to championship. Some criticism will be most important challenge we'll respond to. "

After se words, first meeting took place in Florya, when he sent Tudor team yesterday. The Croatian coach once again rolled his arms around and said, "I'm sure that everyone has left behind ir troubles and that it only focuses on what I say."

Following a daily permit for Fenerbahçe Derby, Igor Tudor held a meeting with pre-training players in Topbaşı Galatasaray yesterday. Newspaper Haberturk Erhan Kaan, according to news, since beginning of season to play with a huge dedication to difference in points of ir rivals, Croatian technical man reminded that y have scored 8, although re is no difference in field in Derby. Students.

' Show who is leader '

A possible bad result is that work given in 8 weeks will suffer greatly, and it can be reversed, said Tudor, " only team undefeated in league... Our opponent began to wake up after a troubled period. But when we get to field, we have to show who's leader. We play best football among all teams, and we deserve to win this game. Never break your discipline. By winning Derby, you can crown your undefeated title and keep your exits "reported to use.

Fenerbahce Front

Fenerbahce coach Aykut Kocaman, Galatasaray Derby is planning to use opponent's offensive game as an advantage.

The biggest shortage of technical delegation since beginning of season was slow play of team. National Meanwhile, special studies have been done. The opponent's defense said y had to go to attack without settling ir huge players, asking for a quick offense, right pass and a constant player to waste.

The yellow-blue in new Malatyaspor match in Evkur, finished match in half an hour.

Even though match of Galatasaray will naturally be more challenging, opponent's play is open. Despite defense of closing Malatyaspor Fenerbahce quickly found significant gaps in play and assistance. This week, yellow-and-red in derby will surely leave significant gaps in midfield and defensive coach Aykut Kocaman, plans are drying on it. As in last game, yellow-blue, who will try to play fast and brisk, thinks y'll force defenses in yellow-red.

Coach Aykut Kocaman's players in relation to match of Malatyaspor was learned in a critique of concentration. Especially after match came to 3-1, team disturbed technical delegation of boredom experienced in last chapters. So no matter what score was, I was asked for full concentration until last whistle.

Warning to Defense

The pre-Derby team has a serious shortage of defense. The yellow-blue tailer, who scored in castle in all of his matches, has not been able to overcome this problem H, L.

In this regard, derby will be quite difficult, considering influential offensive players of Galatasaray. The Technical committee has already begun its competitor analysis. From yesterday on, defence should be done.


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