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50 thousand drone will fly in Istanbul!

The director of the Da Vinci Institute and the Google Future scientist (futurist), Thomas Frey, will serve more qualified humanity in the later years of the drones...

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50 thousand drone will fly in Istanbul!
50 thousand drone will fly in Istanbul! AA Technology News Introduction Date: 11.10.2017 14:28 date of renovation: 11.10.2017 14:29 The director of Da Vinci Institute and Google Future scientist (futurist), Thomas Frey, said that drones will provide more qualified service to humanity in advancing years, "in near future, 50 thousand drones in major cities, including Istanbul, would fly more It will be worth lives of people in field, "he said.

Frey shared his predictions about future in Futuristanbul event organized by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Zorlu Performing Arts Center.

Reminding that technology has led to a noticeable change in every aspect of human life, Frey said, noting that technological possibilities will contribute to development of culture of democracy, " subject of Online voting makes elections more proactive in near future Can bring. Countries can make online selections for election of Presidents, which can be determined in country in which Olympic Games will be made. People can use democratic right by giving game from mobile to home or on road, "he said.

"If everyone in Spain could give game on Internet from where he lives, re wouldn't be any confusion," he said, saying that technology would continue to develop in this way, or that it would rearrange people's lives.

"Drone ambulances coming soon"

"I told you that 2 billion jobs will be eliminated until 2023. I didn't mean to say that 2 billion people are going to be unemployed. I said it to wake people up. The water scales used in construction can now be downloaded with mobile aplication. Now we're running out of our need for Masters. "

The future generations of business arms, such as virtual reality, sensor technologies, 3-dimensional printers and future of industries such as drones, Frey, following predictions regarding drones:

"The drones are currently only being used as a delivery agent. Only drone is talking about 192 method to fly. Think drones are always going to be a courier or an image-pulling tool? What happens if we add speakers, microphones, infrared equipment, wheels to drones? Add robotic arms... In future, drones will be used for emergency rescue, preventing fires. It's already working on drone technologies that extinguish fire with sound technology instead of water and chemicals. Drone ambulances are coming soon. The drones may become your individual assistants in a future not far away. "

"Drone taxis engaged in Dubai"

By expressing that drones will create most important workforce in future world, "50 thousand drones will fly in major cities, including Istanbul, in near future. It's going to be worth lives of people in excess space. What will be regulation of ir consent? We haven't agreed to any of this as a human being. But if we wake up and listen to sound of future, we'll make preparations, "he said.

Frey went:

"Courier, ambulance driver, police, household carriers... We're going to lose se professions to drones in future, but drone command center officials, data analysts, and similar new job descriptions will be released. Drone taxis took over in Dubai last week. In 2030-2032, re will probably be 1 million drones actively serving people in world. Here's what I'm talking about as drone, drive vehicles and flying vehicles that don't require human intervention. "

As 3d printers can print a new home in one day, Frey said individuals can often renew ir homes again.

"Training robots will provide content according to your skill, but will probably not be mentioned in a single type of structure," Frey explained, explaining that artificial intelligence robots can undertake 4 or 10 times faster.

"We have to wait 100 years for teleportation."

"I think that we should not wait until 100 years for teleportation technology," said Thomas Frey, who answered AA reporter's question after his speech. Because it is necessary for scientists to collaborate in many technologies to separate and reassemble human molecules, and this does not seem to be possible in very short term. We have to wait 100 years for human teleportation, "he explained.

"Transporting human beings to MARS through discovery of radio took place in a human life"

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman of Board of Directors Ibrahim Çağlar, in his opening remarks in life of everything in beginning of a "cause", stating, "There is a reason behind everything that is human. What we call development is to run after those "why", to find explanations. From day of its inception, world has experienced ups and downs in pursuit of question. In this process, speed of change has become so, even if we stop and think about it, it's impossible to achieve it. Because what we're going to think about is already obsolete. " He used ir statements.

In order to see speed of change in concrete, lives of family of older people, difference between our lives and differences in way to look at Caglar, said:

"By discovery of radio, transporting human beings to Mars has only been a human life. When I listened to speeches on radio, my grandson, who had been baffled by "how y fit so many people into this tiny box", lived in same time zone as my grandmor, who signaled into space. As human beings, our progress in universe is a tremendous speed towards future, while solving codes of past. "

"The product of Futuristanbul Ito's future effort"

The idea that issue is to build it is not to walk into future, " future concept has evolved into a design effort, a construction process beyond being a mystery to us. Because best way to predict future is through working to build it. At such a time, Futuristanbul has found life as a product of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce's future effort, "he said.

Çağlar said that y are pleased to welcome world-renowned future scientists in Istanbul and will continue to be eyes of Turkish business world facing future.

In afternoon sessions of event, Futurists Hamish McRae and Ben Hammersley will make presentations about future to participants.


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