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A mayor contrary to the referendum: “I have been called a traitor and a coward”

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A mayor contrary to the referendum: “I have been called a traitor and a coward”

Two aldermen socialists relate to pressures that y live to collaborate with Generalitat

“Let me calm mayors,” snapped mayor socialist of L'hospitalet, Nuria Marín, Carles Puigdemont last Monday, when y agreed on an institutional ceremony of Day. It was an amendment in entire rule to president of Generalitat, who last Friday had encouraged citizens to be tackled by street with regidores who do not want to lease premises for holding of referendum announced for October 1.

“in The end, each mayor will do what it deems appropriate”, replied Puigdemont, who was mayor of Girona, before president of Generalitat. “What I said is what many people think. It is not my case, but re are many classmates that are going wrong,” he said yesterday Marín to THE COUNTRY to refer to “pressure” which are bearing selectmen who refuse to cooperate with referendum illegal. “Put in spotlight mayors will not solve anything, it only serves to pour more fuel to fire,” added mayor of L'hospitalet.

“I have been told that I'm a sellout, a coward, a shit and a traitor... A sociata of shit... I have suggested that I go Terrassa, that I will wake up, that I'm a bad Catalan, a moron, a worthless, a piece of shit and a fag disgusting”. So it is also expressed yesterday in his wall of Facebook, socialist mayor of Terrassa, Jordi Ballart, to refer to his experience. And that he is one of rulers of PSC that has shown greatest understanding with referendum and has assured that, although your Council does not collaborate, if you ensure “normal operation of city, respecting one who wants to vote and who does not want to do it”. But even that seems to have been of little use. “You have messed with my sexual condition and have been moved to limit with putting up with my partner and my parents,” explains mayor on social networks to refer to insults which is attributed to a minority. Ballart just calling for calm to citizenship.

“We have entered a virtual reality in which Puigdemont has located mayors and mayoresses in disparadero”, said Núria Parlon, mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, during ceremony held last night in this city in support of socialist mayors. “If this is not of legality, what is?”, asked Parlon before securing: “We are in our right not to support an exit unilaterally and not to assign premises to government”.

The leader of PSC pointed out also that citizens should not go to polls, not even with intention not to win yes on 1 October. “The referendum has no guarantees and vote according to what terms and in what ways it is not democracy,” said mayor, who also made a prediction: “In remaining days we will receive many pressures and that is why we ask you to support us”.

Criticism of Collboni

The event was held in a atre of Santa Coloma which was attended by more than 500 people. The scenario incorporated a banner with hagstag that has popularized Marin: “Let quiet of mayors and mayors”. In conclave, he also participated in secretary of municipal policy of PSC and second deputy mayor of Barcelona city Council, Jaume Collboni, who insisted in official discourse of party. “From Barcelona to smallest town of Catalonia, socialists will protect institutions and public workers,” said socialist, who orilló any reference to discrepancy it has with mayor Ada Colau in relation to 1 October.

Collboni nor be deprived of denouncing pressure of pro-independence to socialist town Councils, and said with irony that he was moved by concern that Puigdemont he was showing it now by asking for collaboration of Municipalities, while, for years, local authorities have felt forgotten by government when making policies for social and educational. “Puigdemont and its people capitalized institutions”, he insisted Collboni.


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