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A pair of black holes revolving around each other was discovered

Astronomers have found that two super-mass black holes collide and move in their respective orbits before merging. It was stated that the findings would open further doors to further exploration of the cosmic effects of super-mass black holes.

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A pair of black holes revolving around each other was discovered

Astronomers, two supermassive black holes collide is moving in orbit around each other before merger Data-card-type = "Text"> Greg from the University of New Mexico in the United States.

for Research of New Mexico-based Long Basic Line Observatory in different parts of world stationed consisting of 10 radio telescopes Scientists using the system, together with the solar volume reaches 15 times the volume around each of the intermediate hole, it was determined that they rotate in an orbit completed 24 thousand a year.

Scientists, due to the length of the size of the volume of kara delik and orbital distance, a curvature will be able to determine the direction and shape of the orbital motion, but noted can be found 12 years later.

Findings, the supermassive black hole would open the door to further studies to explain what coupled with cosmic effects were noted.


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