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Launch satellite to target space with TUA

Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Arslan, ' we want to be a country that is not only the satellite producing and sending, but also the capacity to access the satellite launch. For this, we are working on the establishment of the turkey space agency, "he said.

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Launch satellite to target space with TUA

Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said in a statement, execution of activities in field of aviation and space in Turkey, following use of new technologies and ensuring coordination of projects in Turkey It reminded me that work on establishment of Space Agency (TUA) was initiated in 2010 .

The National Defense Ministries of Science, Industry and technology and occasional partial work of Arslan, which points to sector, to be present, to create added value to country, to take part in competition in world is one roof of works in this area He said it was important to gar underneath.

Arslan, in 2011, General Directorate of Aerospace and Aviation , reminded that Ministry was established, in following statement:

  • "We have seen that we have General Directorate, presence of structures under different names in or departments makes it difficult to follow a policy in name of a common interest in country and make it necessary to reach goal we want to achieve quickly."
  • Stating that " draft law on establishment of Turkish Space Agency and regulation of activities for space" came to agenda of parliamentary General Assembly, Arslan expressed that constitutional amendment and summer holiday have not yet been discussed in General Assembly.
  • Arslan, work in this legislative year by underlining build of TUA, "so we want to be a country that only produces satellite and not sender, but also capacity of satellite launch. Our work on this is walking. "

With cooperation of establishment of agency, Arslan stating that t Ürksat 6a satellite will be launched, a unit of activities for space is under one roof with ingenuity of Prime Ministry is very important.

Arslan, stressing that future is in space, "We are going to work in that sector and make added value to our country of origin. These studies include sending astronauts to space in future. " .

Technology Tusaş'tan ' next generation satellite ' move


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