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Local camera with mines to be identified

The MS spectral company, which conducts R amp; D studies at Hacettepe Technopolis, produced a ' hyperspectral camera ' that can detect mines and explosives.

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Local camera with mines to be identified

MS Spectral Company conducting R D studies in Hacettepe Teknokent has produced a "hyperspectral camera" that can make mand explosive detection by determining changes in soil patterns and cables that have surfaced.

The senior manager of firm Sancay cracked said that work for hyperspectral camera began in July 2015 as t Übitak project , noting that y named "Kemeye" for armored vehicles They said y developed camera.

The fracture means that product will be used as a utility system in detecting mines, "The main purpose is to perform mine detection with or sensors on vehicle. We have made both optical and electronic and mechanical designs. " Said.

Although human eye can see three colors, camera y are developing is able to see 135 color, stressing that broken, goes like this:

  • "The Kemeye can automatically recognize materials that are invisible, identifying wires belonging to hand-made explosives buried in ground. These types of detection cannot be made with a normal camera from a distance, but with camera we developed, explosive cables can be identified. "

can also be used in medical sector and agriculture

A fracture explaining that re are many uses outside defense industry of hyperspectral cameras, product classification and recolate detection in agriculture, determination of mineral fields, diagnosis of region with tumor in brain surgeries is only He expressed a few.


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