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Rajoy: “The priority is not to reform the Constitution, but to defend it from those who want to pay it off”

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Rajoy: “The priority is not to reform the Constitution, but to defend it from those who want to pay it off”

president of The Government defends postpone debate to overcome onslaught independence

The president of Government, Mariano Rajoy, has put before defence of Constitution and its reform before question has been formulated by leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, if considered necessary, "a calm debate and rigorous" for ir reform and upgrade. In his intervention in control session Government in Congress of Deputies, Rajoy has argued that priority in Spain at this time, in faces with intensity of pulse of pro-independence Catalan, "is not so much to reform Constitution, and defend Constitution against those who want to pay it off". 


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Rajoy has an impact on risk to Constitution before those who claim to "invent a legality parallel", in reference to what happened in Parlament Catalan past days 6 and 7 September, in which Chamber presided over by Carme Forcadell, against opinion of lawyers, adopted laws of referendum and of transience to try to separate Catalonia from Spain.

With everything, and always exceeded slam, Rajoy has not closed door to address update of Constitution, which is one of agreements of government to which is committed PP with Citizens to overcome endowment. "I don't have any problems to speak of reform without occurrences with seriousness," he said.

Rivera, however, has countered that “ solution is not opposition nor occurrence”, for which it has been proposed that it would be necessary to order a document to experts on matters that would require an update of Fundamental Law, a proposal that largely overlaps with initiative registered in Congress by PSOE for creation of a commission territorial. The leader of Citizens, pointing to socialists but speaking to Rajoy, has alluded to Constitution of Yugoslavia, “a nation of nations, and already know how it ended”.

The president of Government has not shied away from dart on opposition, a recurrent label for opposition to hang on to its management in general and to crisis of catalonia in particular, and has ironizado that “sometimes re are people moving in opposite direction”. Rajoy has appealed to vocation of permanence with which y are born “all Constitutions,” and has pointed out that in many years re is little change, although he insisted on his willingness to discuss matter. But before, has stressed, re are to face battle that is being waged against rule of law.

The discussion on crisis in Catalan has not been exhausted after questions to Rajoy, PSOE has focused this week on Government's measures for long-term unemployed for over 55 years, we Can in recovery of money to banking bailout. With Catalonia as a backdrop, vice-president of Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, has been engaged in a struggle dialectical with deputy of parliamentary group United we Can Xavier Domènch and with Esquerra Republicana (ERC), Gabriel Ruffian.

Domenech, who has announced that his group was going to sign on Wednesday a request to appear urgent to president of Government"to discuss situation in Catalonia", has received reproaches of Sáenz de Santamaría to use Government "as an excuse for ir indecision in Catalonia". Spurred by deputy on judges and police are only solution that Government had for Catalonia, vice president has responded that "any solution passes by everyone to respect democratic principles."

Saenz de Santamaria has called for Domenech, who accused Government of "refuel" to conflict, to be defined on wher your group respects legality before referendum or is "of support of ors to disobey". "Pronounced, mr. Domenech, you are a democrat to a full-time or part-time?", what has called. The deputy of federation, has warned vice president that even though Government raised scenario of victory by trying to "disable through Catalan political system", re are victories, "absolutely pírricas that end up being defeats".

Without defrauding his style, deputy of CKD Gabriel Ruffian has accompanied its involvement in control session with a Samsung printer "republican", in obvious metaphor about appeal that has made Catalan Government to print ballots at home to vote in referendum on independence without legal support. Ruffian has defined printer as " body of crime" he has confessed to be ballot and has urged Government to stop persecuting "printers and printers" and focus on corrupt.

His exhibition, however, has provided reply to Santamaria, who has opposed degree of democracy of Congress of Deputies to Parliament, in which opposition deputies were not able to express ir disagreement with alteration of procedure in approval of referendum law, to "atre week" of deputy.  "You can come here today to say what y want and bring since what comes in wins. You can even bring printer to teach us how to make crafts to be made referendum in house", you have been expected with irony.


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