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Software that turns speech into sign language

Kayra Enez Özenalp, a high school student in Edremit province of Balikesir, has developed software that makes it easy to communicate with hearing impaired people.

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Software that turns speech into sign language

Software created using Google's open source code "Speech To Text" Is based on the principle that the program will be opened and loaded by pressing the microphone button and then played back in order of the videos containing the sign language of each previously loaded lord in the system.

A hearing- Staff, teacher Ozenalp stated that he had decided to do this work on this.

"There are currently 18 words in the list, but all the everyday life sentences will be put in place later on. Currently I only have Turkish, but I plan to translate English and German in the future. I created the software using Speech To Text. I found it very comfortable on the Internet and I designed and organized it according to the program. The program works as follows, dividing words into vocabulary words and playing each of the videos. When I was doing the program, my family supported my programmers.

I do not expect any income

Ozenalp said that he would try to translate the sign language, I plan to fully negotiate. Thanks to the program, hearing impaired people can communicate more easily with healthy individuals. Healthy individuals do not need to know the sign language. I'll put this program on Google Play for free without any ads. I do not expect any income. The only purpose is to make the hearing impaired more comfortable. "


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