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What is Aladdin? Is real? How is it used?

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What is Aladdin? Is real? How is it used?

if you believe in horoscopes, you can browse to Aladdin application. The app is free and or similar applications with same logic it works. Coffee is sent to users via application a photograph of center, and n taking reader's comments. Fal app ‘binnaz SIS’ managed to establish a huge company with 500 employees with Sertaç Taşdelen, a new application faladdin each name. The biggest difference between predictions of commentators from coffee faladdin application based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and image processing use.

The Story of Singapore Sertaç Taşdelen Ernst & Young while working at Fortune of a friend to look at your coffee, it began with sending photo to her mor. Binnaz Taşdelen, who owns pharmacy, actually a larger initiative, first spark was lit. ‘Binnaz SIS’ name, established with fortune-telling practice, it turned into a huge company with 500 employees today. Not just tea leaves, tarot, astrology, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, palmistry, fortune and playing cards many varieties, such as binnaz doubles has been added to SIS application. Sertaç Taşdelen, now were thrown into a new entrepreneurial adventure. The new application of name ‘Aladdin’. Coffee reading, focusing on difference from sister application, Aladdin binnaz use of technology. Binnaz according to information Shared in Falun taşdelen SIS application to a real person when you are looking at Aladdin in application based on predictions of collective commentators, artificial intelligence and new technologies such as image processing is being used.Each name is sertaç taşdelen faladdin

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Sertaç Taşdelen binnazabla a boutique business is, in practice, rare commentators, ir own styles, ir feelings and ir language could reflect freely said. Taşdelen, “every commentator is able to represent itself re. Each commentator has ir own custom followers. Aladdin coffee fortune-oriented, more simple for a certain standard it's a job. Actually target audience is very different, and intersection points is very, very small,” he said.

app stores of iOS and Android faladdin included in operating system that is at top of list in different categories to quickly Taşdelen, “Open app from Dec best coffee we have become. That we take this very seriously. In coming months number will reach hundreds of thousands of daily users. We take risks and our investments as a result of great appreciation of people appreciation and regards to hear, and perhaps greatest catalyst we have to boost our morale,” he said.


TAŞDELEN, stating that interpretation is free of every day in faladdin a fortune, “ fortune teller more than once a day who want, can take advantage of loan package. Followers who prefer of Fortune fast with an additional 1 Credit can take advantage of feature. Aladdin also live with a mutual reading is possible. The model under our credit purchase from within app prices $ 3.49 are starting,” he said.


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