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Work out of the house, work from the Office

The state-of-the-art offices that conform to the work and the socio-culture of the employee, finish the culture of working from home. According to the Office 21 Project, future offices will increase business productivity, socialization and satisfaction with technological concepts that appeal to all generations in the 20-65 age range. The example in the world began when IBM invited thousands of employees from the House back to the office.

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Work out of the house, work from the Office

The rapidly evolving technology is expected to bring work culture from home to our lives, while research shows that companies will return to office because of impact of high-value-added products in development of face-to-person communication. The Office 21 Project, led by German Research institute Fraunhofer IAO, predicts that offices of day meet needs of work and employee socio-culture and will remove work from home. So that a few months ago, tech giant IBM fired thousands of employees from home by calling back to office to support situation.

7 years offices will change

According to research, offices of future will be offices that can respond simultaneously to needs of generations in age range of 20-65, creativity, socialization, satisfaction, and support individuality. Continuing project partnership of Office 21 research, Nurus chief designer Renan Gokyay, company's industrial design and furniture industry 90. On occasion of anniversary of Foundation, Office 21 Project Director Dr. Stefan Rief met with journalists in Istanbul. Evaluating research, Rief said that offices that concern employees ' happiness will be more important than productivity in 5 to 7.


Renan Gökyay-Stefan rief

Return to Human factor

Dr. Rief, in Office 21 research, said y were looking for answers to question of how to work in 2025, "We observed how technology and digitalisation respond to expectations of employees. and we saw that; Capitalism begins to re-forward human factor, "he said. While working as a group, rief, which still indicates that it has been traditionally made, said: "Soon we will be digitized in bulk. In future offices, very quiet areas, special areas of project teams, special areas for creativity, video conference rooms, telephone rooms, personal belongings will be found in areas to be left. "


Must adapt to bird

Soon, employees of work desks and seats, according to ir health situation, even knowing preference of heat and light to act on purpose, Renan Gökyay, new generation of office approach evaluated with following statements: "Digitizing, technological In this generation of innovations and work of Internet, it is necessary to design according to environment of freedom y are accustomed to, different working shapes. We need different instruments for meeting, for video conferencing, for silence, to work in a noisy environment, to make it possible to produce information toger while working toger. "

Turkish stakeholder Nurus of research


The Office 21 Project has 24 brands such as Adidas, Volkswagen, BMW, Fujitsu, and Intel. Office 21 's sole Turkish companion, Nurus; It contributes to project with knowledge in process of designing and producing working furniture for areas such as offices, hotels, restaurants, social halls, educational amplifiers, transportation vehicles and civil aviation.


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