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You should never be late to make policy

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You should never be late to make policy

challenge of independence is not enough to be charged reason, you have to deal with things

In one of his articles Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio spoke of role of scandal in political activity. He was referring to that “canon repertoire of don't tell me, you're kidding me, amazing, outrageous, monstrous,” and all his “court of gestures” with which, too often, politicians react to certain issues. And he added that, in those circumstances, walk like crazy to “load ratio”.

it is best to do some nuance. An essential part of job of politicians is to sustain arguments in your speech and look for reasons to support ir decisions, ir positions, ir proposals. But that has nothing to do with act of rending garments little while after you have taken trouble of loaded with reason.

In anor article, Ferlosio pointed out that “ scandal is a drug that numbs feeling of nullity of policy”. Or what is same: if a politician takes up all time to hide behind litany of usual amazing, outrageous, monstrous is not used for anything, but is so immersed in his commendable ability of scandal that is convinced to be doing job. It's not. All this “cut motions” are not worth anything.

In a policy does not serve, it should not be, scandal, simple and mere load of reason. Serve, should serve, reasons. But reasons are only a part of policy. In this stew are also involved or ingredients that have (perhaps unfortunately) as much or same importance: emotions, interests —among which, re are generally some downright shady—, history of each and memory to retain or of its successes and excesses, old complicities (or enmity) between se and those, and, above all, will to power. Wanting to take reins, impose a direction, to conquer some goals.

Do well, in se times, those seeking all arguments to defend democracy against challenge of Catalan independentists to bypass laws. But it is imperative that you do not fall into temptation of charging of reason. Politicians have obligation to work, and that means not so much to be scandalized as you start to build a framework from which you can work to resolve problems. In deadlock of problem Catalan as have all ended in collaborating in any way (that is free of sin cast first stone). As problem is complex, politicians should roll up ir sleeves already and start putting your hands in mud.

A last reference to a third article of Ferlosio. Warned him of risk that exists if activity is reduced policy to “la huera and redundant contention between subjects”. In that case, he says, “your genuine object, dealing with things, would be abandoned to incompetence and random”. We play a lot. And it is not a battle between subjects: politicians have to deal with things.

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