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1-O cracks local PSC power

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1-O cracks local PSC power

The sovereigntists break with socialist mayors of Tarragona, Mataró, Blanes and Palau-Solità

The Socialist mayor of Blanes loses his government partners for his attitude to 1-O

The October 1 repercussions are leaving no minority socialist mayors. If, before referendum, a good handful of alliances with sovereigntists were gone, effects of tense day promoted by Generalitat have made more pacts in town halls, flimsy by discrepancies over process Independence.

Yesterday PSC was left without support of PDeCAT in Mataró. Both formations were divided portfolios of local government, commanded by socialist David boat, who could lose mayor's office, most relevant one that staggers by 1-O.

The so far partner of PSC, Neoconvergente Fernàndez, advocated a motion of censure. To prosper, ERC, La CUP, Podem , and ICV-EUiA should subscribe and vote for it.

Despite differences between five forces, former Convergers allege that y all approved a proposal in favor of ceding municipal voting spaces, to which mayor objected. If attempt fails, Socialists intend to govern with only six of 27 councillors of city council. If you give up city hall, PSC would stop supporting nationalists in Consell comarcal del Maresme.

The PDeCAT accused boat of having positioned Mataró as a population opposed to consultation and opined that it did not manifest itself on burdens of Sunday. The Socialists debunked it, claiming that mayor "demanded" government delegation not to send agents during 1-O.

The majority of Socialist mayor of Tarragona, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, has also been mismanaged, after delinking extinct representative joined PSC and PP executive. In any case, Ballesteros will retain position.

With less leeway you can see mayor of Blanes, Miquel Lupiáñez (PSC), after ERC and PDeCAT have abandoned him this week, despite socialist censored yesterday " inopportune, unnecessary and disproportionate violence" of agents in 1-O. The PSC will direct consistory with only four of 21 aldermen of plenary.

Also appealing to 1-O, neoconvergentes have disrupted ir entente with Socialist mayor of Palau-Solità i, Teresa Padrós, relegated to minority.

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