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15 The corpses found in Michoacán

The bodies appeared in the back of a van in a community of Áquila, on the border with Colima. Antagonistic criminal groups dispute the region

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15 The corpses found in Michoacán

Authorities of state of Michoacán, Mexico, reported on Friday discovery of eight bodies with traces of torture in municipality of Aquila, on border with Colima. Later, prosecution raised number to 15. The police found bodies in back of a Ford Lobo truck, on a path from community of El Manzanillal. On bodywork of vehicle had been painted in which a certain Lopez of kidnapper is accused. The investigators work on identity of corpses, all male-sex, all with firearm wounds. Apparently, one is Alfonso "N", alias La Macana, accused of murdering two policemen in October 2016.

According to a source of local government, one of lines of investigation of Prosecutor is that assassins are of group of Fernando "N", alias Tena, once related to cartel of Knights Templar, very powerful during government of Felipe Calderón ( 2006-2012). The Macana also related it to Templars, so this dispute could imply a readjustment in world of local criminal.  "It is an area that by its location is very attractive. It borders with Tecoman (Colima), on Pacific. For year 2002, it was announced that it was a point used by drug traffickers to disembark drugs and n circulated to center of country, via Colima and Jalisco, "explains same source.

In 2013, self-defenses rose in Michoacan. Groups of neighbors from various peoples of State took up arms to deal with cartels against inability of local government. Áquila was one of towns. For months, self-defenses maintained control, to point that federal government appointed a minister, a secretary, to negotiate with ir leaders.

Far from hot land region, cradle of Templars and strongest groups of self-defenses and far from capital, Aquila lived in relative calm for months. The efforts of local government focused precisely on hot land, after criminal groups blocked several roads a week ago, product of arrest of capo of a local organization, Viagras. The capo, Jordy Axel Villa Patricio, is nephew of Nemesio Oseguera, Mencho, leader of powerful new generation Jalisco Cartel. The blockades led to dispatch of more than a thousand soldiers to state.

On or hand, Tecoman is one of most violent places in Mexico. In January, government launched Titan Shield operation, to try to control crime in places like this. Just a few days ago, National security Commissioner, Renato Sales, appeared before means to present results. Salts said situation had improved.


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