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2.5 million children in Syria cannot go to school

The civil war continued in Syria, the 2017-2018 academic period began. Despite the beginning of the training period, 2 million 100 thousand children across the country for war-related reasons are without school.

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2.5 million children in Syria cannot go to school

More than 1500 schools were in wreckage with bombs throughout country, while 3,000 860 children lost ir lives during course. Muhammad Hasno, general coordinator of Syrian Aid Coordination Union, who prepared a comprehensive report on domestic war country, told Yeni Şafak that 217 thousand students in PKK/PYD and Deaş regions were deprived of school and education. Hasno noted that terrorist organization, PYD, only banned education at 430 school this year.

6 thousand 500 killed

21 per cent of children in age of education by Deaş and PYD in organization of ranks of group, stated that Hasno, "if necessary sensitivity is not exhibited, a catastrophe like to abandon terror awaits us. 6,000 of 17 thousand children who were forcibly taken to organizations were killed, "he said. According to report, only 682 thousand 732 children can find a chance to study in areas where opponents control. Currently, 53 per cent of training schools are faced with a crash hazard caused by sniper, bombardment and previous missile attacks. On or hand, after Operation Euphrates Shield 58 thousand 624 children returned to school. 223 schools in 8 regions, including Azez, Bab, Çobanbey, Ganddura, Cerablus, Soran and Mare, were prepared for training by TSK. 45 school continues to improve. 



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