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20 cranes to avoid parking in a double row in the Wanda Metropolitan

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20 cranes to avoid parking in a double row in the Wanda Metropolitan

The new stadium of Atletico has a capacity of 68.000 spectators and only 3.031 parking spaces

The accesses by M-40 to Wanda Metropolitan will not be ready until 15th of October

Dancausa visit Wanda Metropolitan to prepare operational safety

The transfer to Wanda Metropolitan, pending a decision of a court

The city Hall of Madrid displays a device 20 cranes city day that party in Wanda Metropolitan. With this measure we want to "ensure respect for rules of parking" and thus avoid double row in vicinity of new sports facility in district of San Blas-Canillejas, which opens this Saturday.

Coinciding with party for premiere of stadium of Atletico, Government of Manuela Carmena will launch a mobility plan, coordinated by Municipal Police to "meet needs of circulation" of private vehicles. However, in Palacio de Cibeles insist on recommendation of use of public transport given that re are only 3.031 parking spaces for 68,000 and potential viewers.

These squares, despite fact that y are built on land owned by city, will be handled at discretion of club days that have sporting events. In Consistory, however, warn that you must prioritize access to same vehicles of at least two people.

"patterns of mobility are formed of a progressively and eventually consolidate: people that used to go to stadium Vicente Calderon, normally used same mode of transport and were not considered a change", explained this Wednesday, director general of Management and control of Movement, Francisco López Carmona. "In this case we are in a new installation where all people who go to field y are going to have a period in which you have to go deciding which means of transport used," he added.

In this "adaptation phase" of attendees at Wanda Metropolitan re will also be a "assessment" of operating municipal to ensure transit of vehicles in vicinity. The first meeting will decide wher to make adjustments or changes will take place already next week.

The Municipal Company of Transport (EMT) will launch a special bus service direct to stadium for day that party from exchanger Canillejas (Line 5 of Metro and stop of interurban lines that pass through A-2) to square of Greece.

This path will be circular and will have a frequency of five minutes, as noted by delegate of Environment and Mobility, Inés Sabanés, in presentation of plan.

Also, when you have matches reinforce regular lines that you can access Wanda Metropolitan: 28 (Puerta de Alcala-Canillejas), 38 (Manuel Becerra-Roses), 48 (Manuel Becerra-Canillejas), 140 (Pavones-Canillejas) and E2 (Felipe II-Roses). It will also increase number of trains on Line 7 of suburban, which has a stop next to new field red and white.

Although city Council recommends use of public transport and to go to with two hours notice, points out that for accesses in car, re are two routes: M-30-A-2-M-40 And M-30-M-23-M-40 by avenida de Arcentales.

As an alternative from city centre it is suggested to use on weekdays, M-30, avenida Daroca, calle Francisco Largo Caballero, avenida de Arcentales, square of Greece, and avenida de Arcentales, or Luis Aragones. On weekends and holidays, in which re will be a section cut out of Arcentales, journey would be through M-30, Daroca, Francisco Largo Caballero, Free Institution of Education, Emilio Muñoz, Miguel Yuste, Arcentales and square of Greece.

From south, re are two options. The first by-street Source Carrantona, plaza de Alsace, Aquitaine, avenida de Canillejas a Vicálvaro, avenida de Arcentales and square of Greece. The second, by Source Carrantona, Alsace, Aquitaine, calle Suecia and plaza of Greece.

And for fans who arrive from north, avenida de los Andes, puente Felipe Juvara, avenue Twenty-fifth of September, calle San Romualdo, avenida de Arcentales and square of Greece.


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