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5-Star Movement and the league go aground with the prime Minister and ask for time

The two parties had asked to see President Mattarella because, supposedly, they had already reached a government agreement

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5-Star Movement and the league go aground with the prime Minister and ask for time

The wheel continues to turn in Italy and when it seemed that was going to announce end of a negotiation that lasts already 71 days, movement 5 stars and league have requested some more time to President of Republic, Sergio Mattarella. There are missing program details, y say. But, above all, re is no name right now to convince both formations to take position of Prime Minister. The two parties visited Mattarella separately and expressed in very different tones state of negotiation. It's all in air.

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The strangest thing is that it was parties mselves on Sunday night who asked to dispatch with Mattarella to give an account of agreements reached. However, something happened on Monday morning and everything went to fret. Both formations insist that it is not a matter of names, but of programs, of political fund which must weld an agreement for five years.

But reality is that this program, as both parties secured, was already practically agreed. On or hand, until just a few minutes before going up to palace of Quirinal, y continued to clear pool of names to occupy chair of Presidency of Council of Ministers. The one that began to surround whole negotiation provoked strange movements, like a night call to Economist Giulio Sapelli. According to person concerned, he was asked if he would be available for office and he responded positively. But of course, n he explained it to press and I Fulminaron "Have you changed your mind?" he wondered afterwards.

And so with so many or names that sounded — including that of Di Maio itself, which still harbors hopes of occupying that position — and y also did not respond to political profile that two formations had self-imposed.

The problem is that M5S, a party emerging from network and based on protest against institutions, does not have a ruling class or an intellectual and academic base to pull to form elite teams. Nor does it have a similar business and economic environment, something that could be seen in formation of Government of city of Rome with Virginia Raggi. And that gives strength to league, turned after Salvini's image wash in an antiestablishment party of Corte Lepeniano, but accustomed to govern regions and country itself — Norrn League held ministries in Silvio Berlusconi's governments — for 20 years.

Now, again, it gave impression that agreement could fail. The Grillinos were first to visit Mattarella. At exit, Luigi Di Maio explained that basically y have asked for more time to finish closing some fringes. "The rites of politics have changed. We are writing government program for next five years, so we have asked for more time to be able to give country change. If you start this government will also start Third Republic, "he said with his usual grandiloquent rhetoric about change and pointing out that y do not want to speak of names.

Salvini's words after his meeting with President, however, were much more revealing. There is no agreement on basic issues for league such as Self-Defense Act, fulminación of taxes on certain products such as gasoline or immigration. "If league has no hands free in that aspect, nothing will be done. If we cannot do what Italians have asked us, we say goodbye, "he concluded by leaving alliance door open with his former centre partners in case things go wrong. "The alliance is not broken."

For now, what is clear is that if you agree, your Prime Minister will be fifth consecutive since 2011 who have not chosen Italians. A situation that M5S had repeatedly criticized and promised to solve. And curiously, last premier left polls was Silvio Berlusconi, who premieres political rehabilitation and sharpen knives in case executive between league and M5S derailed. He must be rubbing his hands before spectacle of both formations.


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