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5 thousand PKK and terror training in Peshawar

The United States has been the infrastructure to dismantle Iraq for 50 years and establish a puppet Kurdish state. Finally, in 1996, 5,000 peshmerga and the PKK were trained to fight, sabotage and intelligence on the island of Guam. In the pretext of the Saddam attacks, the Incirlik base was used all the time.

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5 thousand PKK and terror training in Peshawar

Turkey, Iraq and Iran are based on a long history of plan to break up with puppet Statickle, which is linked to Israel. The U.S. has been working for decades for scenario of terrorist state embodied in September 25th referendum. The peshmerga and PKK are only one of many examples of this, to be taken to island of Guam, where North Korea threatens missile, and training at US base. Five thousand Peshmerga and PKK terrorists were specially trained at US Andersen military base in Guam, Pacific. The transport process in 1996 was called ' Pacific Bunker '.

They entered camp in Guam

As part of operation initiated by pretext of rescuing Saddam's attacks, 5,000 Iraqi Kurds were taken to Guam from Incirlik base. Nizami-informal warfare, politics, intelligence, sabotage, etc., members of group, who were trained in intensive education, were sent back to Iraq from 2003 onwards. The organization, extending from norrn Iraq to Great ocean, was led by French former president François Miterand's wife, Danielle Miterand, and Algerian-born Zionist-Jewish Bernard Henry Levy, known as modern Lawrence of Middle East.


Shoaib Khan

First head with 2 thousand 500 people

In norrn regions of Iraq, two thousand 500 people were elected to first caravan to be transported to Guam. In first place, number of ' unaunticated ' cases, peshmerga and PKK, were n 5 thousand with shipments made in partnership with Mossad and CIA. The rest of US, 85 per cent after Iraq invasion, returned to Iraq, and remaining part of PKK was to carry out lobbying activities in countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, United States, Canada, and western countries to create Kurdish diaspora. Placed.

Lahor cena Talabani-PYD's npolitical leader Salih Muslim


Puppets of Zionism

Kubat Talabani (son of Jalal Talabani) between US and European countries between 1975-1996 and transported Lahor CEng Talabani (son of Jalal Talabani), Proud Barzani (son of Mesut Barzani), Necmeddin Kerim (The pirate governor of Kirkuk) has such names. Among top management of PKK, and among commanders of peshmerga, re are many names that are also specially trained by Westerners. The United States has returned to Guam in 1996 and 1500 of militants, n PKK ranks. Kandil, PYD and Iran in Syria, many senior terrorist organisations sent to Pjak, also selected among militants who were specially trained in Guam. In Syria, in cooperation with United States, Syrian PKK, which occupied many regions in north and east of country, commanded PYD, names of Redur Halil, Zuhat Kobani, Huseyin Kocer, and 1996 are among terrorists who passed same educational process. In addition, Sincar, Kamışli, Afrin, and Ayn el-Arab were also trained in Guam, an important part of PKK, which was director of so-called cantonal administration.


Krishna Talabani

Meher Barzani

PYD's head is in ocean.

The PKK, which was brought to command of Syrian forces of Syria to legitimize Syrian occupation of United States, named Mazlum Kobane codenamed Terrorist Abdi Ferhad Sahin also trained by Mossad and CLA at Guam Island. Turkey's red Newsletter, Sahin, was posing as an American senior commander after shelling TSK's Sincar and Karakar. Sahin is seen as a ' primary interlocutor ' in Syria by Pentagon. The PYD ringleader was also most intense meeting of Brett McGurk, who was appointed as colonial governor to Syria by US President Trump.


Andersen Air Base on Guam Island, where members of terror organization have been given assassination, sabotage, bomb and intelligence training.

Lobby team to Europe militants to ocean

In 1975 between Iraq and Iran, Treaty of Algeria ( Treaty of Algeria), France, United States and Britain, began to transport first Kurdish kafs from region. During this period, 15,000 Kurds were placed in different cities of Europe and United States. Kurdish youths, who have been awarded with special scholarships, are among leading figures of today's Kurdish political movement. France was one of leading countries for big plan to bring Israel to promised land, with ' Kurdish Institutes ', associations and specially supported racist lobbies established in this area. The shipment to Habur border crossing of Peshmerga and PKK, selected by French President Miterand's wife, Danielle Miterand Bernard Henry Levy in ' 90s, was commissioned by U.S.-Iraq border hammer power Provided. Peshmerga and PKK, brought to Turkish border accompanied by special vehicles, were taken to Adana-Incirlik US base by road from Batman. The militants who were set up to be raised as managers in terrorist organization moved to Guam in Pacific.


They're balancing agenda Lazkiye

Agenda North Iraq Summit


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