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6 teenagers suffocated at birthday party-father after garden drama in court

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6 teenagers suffocated at birthday party-father after garden drama in court

Würzburg – "he is missing every day. We have often been on phone, he has often written, we have made short breaks. He's missing everywhere. "

In addition to plaintiff Daniel D. (48) talks about his son. Kevin (19) died with five friends in a garden house.

Kevin's far Daniel D. (48) Photo: Joerg Voelkerling

The tragedy of Arnstein – six young people choked on carbon monoxide.

In Würzburg (Bavaria) The trial began against owner of house. Andreas P. (52), driver, far of a large family. Accusation: negligent killing in six cases.

In January, his daughter Rebecca celebrated her 18th birthday in 48-square-foot hut in evening. Bror Florian (19), her friend Rene S. (19) and Buddies Michael R. (18), Felix K. (19) and Kevin D. (19) are here. Andreas P. Still brought birthday cakes and fireworks. Then he went, put phone next to his bed, if youngsters still need something.

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Because house was not on grid, 52-year-old had set up a petrol generator for cooker and refrigerator, and for exhaust gas drainage, water pipes made of metal were plugged into each or. According to charges, line dissolved, odorless gas poured out. The teenagers died. Andreas P. Discovered her next morning.

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In court he explained: "what happened in January is worst catastrophe of my life. They were all friends, y were all still young. " And: "My first thought was that y had drunk too much, because I also perceived smell of vomit."

When he wanted to awaken his daughter, she felt cold. Then he realized "that something horrible had to happen, I just worked. Since n pictures have been haunting me. "

Among dead were also siblings Rebecca and Florian

Photos: Joerg Voelkerling

Besides, "I can't explain it. I don't want to blame myself. "

Kevin's far Daniel D. to "Sat. 1 Bayern": "It was hard to sit here in hall with defendant and hear his excuses. But I want justice. "

According to image information, police have also taken DNA and fingerprints on aggregate. There should be impressions of several guests of party. A week and a half ago re was a reconstruction of plant. Result: The young people would also have been poisoned if pipes had not fallen off.

In pilgrimage church of Maria Sondheim in Arnstein, after tragic accident, a funeral altar was EingerichtetFoto: Marcus Scabbard

Andreas P. 's Defender Bernhard Löwenberg (41) to Bild: "The aggregate has worked before. To day that happened, you can't question anyone. But it was not first day that this aggregate was operated. We have no explanation for this. The aggregate, for example, was also operated on New Year's Eve, ran exactly as on January 28th. "

Andreas P. Threatens a fine or up to five years in prison. The process will continue on Monday.

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