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A dozen dead by two car bombs in the Somali capital

The terrorist group Al-Shabab has assumed the authorship of the attack on the networks

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A dozen dead by two car bombs in the Somali capital

About ten people, most of whom are staffed by security forces, have died and eight ors have been injured after explosion of two car bombs in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital. The first of vehicles, of enormous power and with a suicide bomber at wheel exploded in front of hotel Nasahablod Two, about 600 meters of presidential palace. This complex was scene in 2016 of a massacre that cost lives of 16 people. According to police's first information, several gunmen exchanged gunfire with security of hotel, where deputies and entrepreneurs are staying.

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  • Somalia raises more than 300 dead for Saturday's attack on capital

Many of dead in this first attack were policemen stationed near hotel. There is also a lawyer among mortal victims. The second detonation took place minutes later in an area very close to that of first, closer this time to former headquarters of Parliament of Somalia. Ali Nur, a police officer raised number of dead to 17.

The Islamist militia Al-Shabab has claimed authorship of attacks through its Telegram channel. "We have attacked ministers and security officials," said group's spokesperson, Al Qaeda, in a note of Abdiis Abu Musab. "We're fighting inside." Abu Musab furr noted that Nasahablod Two belongs to Minister of Homeland Security Mohamed Abukar Islow.

The double terrorist attack takes place two weeks after biggest bombing of Somalia's history: A truck bomb that left more than 300 dead when exploding in a crowded intersection of capital. In this occasion, Al-Shabab was deframed from massacre, although authorities maintained that it was terrorist group that perpetrated it.

The Al-Shabab Group (youth), after being expelled by troops from African Union of Mogadishu in August 2011, has developed a savage campaign of attacks with two objectives: African military deployed throughout country of Horn of Africa, and Hotels and tourist resorts of capital, with a balance of hundreds of deaths behind m.


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